Hanging memories: in Avellino an exhibition of photography, fashion and music

The multidisciplinary exhibition “Suspended Memories” begins, an emotional and experiential journey through the contamination of different expressive territories, such as photography, fashion and music, united by a common thread, that of time and memory. Tomorrow, Saturday May 14, at 6.30 p.m., at the Circolo della Stampa in Avellino, in Corso Vittorio Emanuele n.6, the opening of the event will take place. The ‘Suspended Memories’ exhibition will be open until May 20, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Hanging memories: in Avellino an exhibition of photography, fashion and music
Suspended memories: in Avellino an exhibition of photography, fashion and music. The poster

The young and talented authors of the “Suspended Memories” exhibition are the photographer and visual artist Giorgia Bisanti, the stylist Rossella Coppola, the composers Umberto Ciccone, Francesco D’Acunzi, Raffaele Gagliardi, Giovanni Parrocchia and the sound engineer Manuel Lomazzo, with the artistic direction of Raffaella Bellezza. It organizes the Theatrical Association “AISTHESIS”, chaired by Luca Gatta, and FS EVENT srls, in collaboration with the Order of Journalists of Campania and Cloe de Serena Fierro. Below are the biographical profiles of the protagonists of ‘Suspended Memories’

  • Rossella Coppola was born in Avellino and immediately after graduating in Cultural Heritage, he decided to move to Rome, where he studied at the Academy of Costume and Fashion, graduated in Costume for Entertainment and Fashion, during her studies, she decided to delve into the world of textile design and moved to Milan where she specialized in fashion and textile design at Naba. During these years, she participated in various international competitions that always saw her as a finalist, such as the Altaroma event in 2017, where she presented the ‘Madeleine’ collection. He boasts of various work experiences in the role of designer and product assistant in local and Roman companies, today he works in an important Neapolitan company and continues to fulfill his dreams.
  • Giorgia Bisanti was born in Naples in 1994, she graduated in Scenography and Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. His projects have been exhibited in numerous collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Among the latest: New Post Photography Award At Mia Fair, VII Biennale of Young Italian Photographers at CIFA, Golosi. Insatiable for life at Camera Torino, Prize for the Passepartout exhibition at the Galleria 28 Piazza di Pietra, virtual exhibition Summer Splash by Phototrouvèe Magazine. He has received awards from Phest, Phmuseum, SiFestOff, Mediterraneo Fotografia, Annual Photography Awards. In 2021, he is a finalist in the call “Game books are made with machines” promoted by the Ts’ai Lun 105 association, with the Surprise game book project! His artistic research is strongly linked to personal life experiences. Through the experimentation of the photographic medium, the combination of various manual and digital intervention techniques, achieves an action of reinterpretation of images, always seeking the maximum expressive power.
  • Beauty Raphaelle from 2006 to 2016 he was part of the Choir of White Voices and the Youth Choir of the Carlo Gesualdo Theater in Avellino directed by M ° Cinzia Camillo, participating in the productions of the Theater at Headquarters and RAI. Since 2015 he coordinates and artistically directs with Filomena De Rosa the “Coro Allievi Cimarosa Folk” by M ° Susanna Canessa of the “D. Cimarosa”. He graduated in the Old Piano System with Maestro Sergio Di Gennaro and the Level II Diploma in Piano Skill Management of the Show at the Conservatory “D. Cimarosa ”in Avellino, under the guidance of M ° Nunzio Areni completed the Show Management Course (Music Management). In 2017 he started taking choir conducting classes with Maestro Roberto Maggio. Since 2018, he has been artistic production director of the multimedia work “Grammeloth” by Maurizio Elettrico. In AA, she completed the Advanced Opera Theater Management Course at the Amo Academy of the “Coccia Theater” in Novara. She is registered in the register of public journalists of the Campania region. Currently, he is part of the “Aisthesis” Theater Association of Maestro Luca Gatta, he deals with the musical field, in the same, he does internships in the organization secretariat and in the communication secretariat. He exercises the activity of Musical Assistant, at the prestigious Academy of Classical Ballet, of M° Zelia Guarini, carries out Marketing, Promotion and Communication activities in the Artistic-Cultural field, at the Company FS EVENT SRLS
  • Umberto Cicone. From an early age, he discovered a passion for sounds, music and composition. At the age of eleven, Domenico Cimarosa di Avellino passed the entrance exam to the Conservatory, with all the notes in piano, classical address. Several of his compositions for orchestra and various organic compositions have been used for short films and commercials. He received the “Best Music” award at the Vesuvius International Film Fest with the soundtrack “Michelangelo”. He followed various Master Classes including those with Cristiano Rossi, Pericle Odierna, Beppe Vessicchio. He participated as composer and arranger of the multimedia work “Grammeloth” by the Neapolitan artist Maurizio Elettrico. Take part in the TourMusicFest 2021 as a pianist, with the song “Ponte Milvio”, conquering the live auditions with it. I then play “Sky Elephant” in the final, receiving a certificate of artistic merit.
  • Francesco D’acunzi he began, a little for fun, to approach the piano, then taking advantage of the opportunity of a guitar lesson in primary school of music from which he never moved away. With the PC he began to lay the first foundations. He is currently studying film music in Bologna. Collaborating with the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples and the Avellino Conservatory, he composes for short films and exhibitions.
  • Giovanni Parish is a young composer from Salerno. He studied jazz guitar and classical guitar, with full marks, at the “G.Martucci” Conservatory in Salerno. His greatest passion is composition, he perpetuates an old but current concept: the composer – performer of his own pieces. He worked as a composer and arranger for the multimedia work “Grammeloth” by Maurizio Elettrico. He teaches guitar but also studio technician at the Music Arce Studio in Salerno. The album “Unsaid words cyranò doelo” – Gipsy Jazz was recorded at Music Arce Studio.
  • Manuel Lomazzo – Sound technician – graduated from the “Imbriani” music and choreography high school in Avellino and a few months ago he obtained the level I diploma in sound technician at the “D. Cimarosa”, he took the courses as a sound technician with Maestro Massimo Aluzzi. He participated as a sound technician in the staging in the form of a concert of the multimedia work “Grammeloth” by Maurizio Elettrico, on July 25, 2020 “Festival Mamm’e dell’ arte / Beyond Urgency” at the Palazzo Pignatelli in Lauro, on August 22, 2020 at the Casina del Principe in Avellino with the collaboration of the artistic production direction of Raffaella Bellezza. The undisputed characteristic is the multi-instrumentality. Since two years, he is a Sound Technician of the Avionics Association of which he is an associative member.
  • The AISTHESIS Association, directed by Luca Gatta, was born in 2006 as a theatrical training group and has organized intensive workshops and seminars with internationally renowned theater masters. Among the many initiatives implemented, there is a Commedia dell’Arte master class within FITAG, an international theater festival in Girona, Spain and the INTERNATIONAL THEATER REVIEW held in the CULT space in Avellino where groups from Romania, Spain, Russia and China were welcomed. In this context, the members of the Aisthesis association led a masterclass entitled THE TRANSCULTURAL DIMENSION OF THE MASK with the Chinese group Zhengzhou Yu Opera from Henan, with whom they exchanged acting practices relating to Italian theater of the ‘500 and to Chinese opera.


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