Have you ever seen chef Gennaro Esposito’s wife? She is exaggeratedly beautiful, a model to crack

A woman of incredible beauty, it is she who accompanies the very likeable Gennaro Esposito on a daily basis in the hard work of a starred chef: the photos drive the web crazy!

It’s no coincidence that Ms. Esposito has a host of social admirers all to herself: the reason is obvious, in plain sight.

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A real model, perfect in its simplicity. Here’s who the chef’s gorgeous wife is and what she’s up to in her life.

Phenomenal woman, the chef only has eyes for her: a magnetic gaze and a smile that conquers everyone

When they show themselves in public, it’s a treat for the eyes: you can see from a kilometer away that they are absolutely crazy about each other. And even if she is very reserved, the prying eyes of Internet users are not betrayed. Indeed, the splendid Ivana has nearly four thousand followers, despite a discreet life quite far from worldliness. It could not be otherwise, compliments are in vain for her and not only from the male audience. There are many women, admirers of the well-known husband who they esteem and appreciate him beauty and friendliness. Ivana D’Antonio really looks like a little girl, a wonderful mother of the chef’s two equally splendid children: Emanuele and Isabella, with whom she often likes to be staged and who defines her most beautiful jewels.

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She discreetly follows the television career of her husband, often accompanying him to the presentation of the television schedules in which appear the programs he directs with great success. The starred chef is indeed much loved and like his compatriot Antonio Cannavacciuolo, he is among the most esteemed judges of culinary competitions. One cannot help noticing him for his elegance, those who know him also report that he is much friendly and sociable for on the other hand the spouse also appears. As expected, very little is known about her, beyond what she communicates personally through her social media. A few images especially with the family she loves very much and a few selfies that depict her in all her statuary beauty.

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It would seem that she is the one who follows and animates the blog of chef Esposito entitled ‘BrotherInFood’ in which she recounts in detail their daily life between work and personal commitments. All obviously seasoned with good food and wine, highlighting products from the Campania region and curiosities. AND’ godmother and promoter of many charitable initiatives and she is a music lover: with her husband, she shares a passion for U2 and obviously for good food. A truly enviable couple!

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