Healthy and beautiful hair, the rules that save hair

Mbefore I healthy and beautiful hair, trying to postpone the cut as long as possible. A few fundamental attentions are enough to follow in the hair care routine every day: from using the correct conditioner to choosing the best brush for your hair type.

To define these “hair-saving rules”, trichologist Silvia Cecchinatowhich every day confronts and analyzes the most disparate problems and pathologies of the scalp.

1. Healthy, Beautiful Hair: The Truth About Conditioner

Too often the essential step of the conditioner is skippedresult of false beliefs: “There are many types of conditioners both designed as formulations and as textures and shapes” admits the trichologist.

“The first rule in cosmetics is to try to observe the reaction by following the directions for use. But there are also gods trick which allow us to be more objective”.

For example “To make a conditioner or mask effective, it is important to reduce excess water from the hair before applying the product.. By doing so, it will be possible to distribute it better and make it do its job since it is not diluted and altered by an excess of water”.

Another example “to understand if it has been rinsed well is to slide the hair divided into sections between the index and middle fingers and see what the color is the water that stands out, if it is milky it means that some product remains“.

2. Do not wrap them in a turban after shampooing

“Better not, especially if the towel is terrycloth. The water is partially absorbed by the fabric, but a large part is released in the form of water vapor which on contact with the hair means swelling of the outer cuticle scales and alteration of hydrogen bondsthe weakest bonds of the structure but which therefore alter the keratin going to make the frizzy and brittle hair” adds trichologist Silvia Cecchinato.

“I recommend choosing microfiber towels which absorb up to 30% more water and then retain the hair wrapped in the towel for up to 30 seconds“.

3. The choice of brush is essential

There is a brush for every need. And not only in terms of shape but also in terms of materials. In fact, a correct hair routine is expected brush dry hair before shampooing to untangle the knots and not find the hair tangled and tangled when washing, and to eliminate the impurities deposited the previous days including product residues.

Hair care: the answers to the 5 most frequently asked questions

Hair care: the answers to the 5 most frequently asked questions

The different types of hair, for whom and why

For this purpose “it must be used an oval boar bristle brush because they untie the knots without tearing them, what happens with ordinary brushes, especially if they have small points at the end of the teeth: the knots tighten around them and the brushing movement tears them out”.

The expert adds:and the natural bristles are antistatic so they keep the scale closed, and distribute the sebum from the base of the hair to the tips to facilitate washing and at the same time protect the upper”.

Finally, “those in wood with i bamboo teeth serve a brush dry hair – in the morning and/or in the evening – for the antistatic properties of this material”.

In case of thick hair” you need thermal ceramic brushes with ionized bristles which reduce drying times.

“For detangle damp hair There are wet brushspecial plastic or carbon brushes, with fine and flexible teeth that glide over the knots without damaging the hair extremely fragile at this stage. Let’s not forget the combs, essential for curly hair, especially if they are wooden and wide-toothed,” concludes Silvia Cecchinato.

4. The right tools for hair well-being

“The right hair care routine is made up of not only the right products, but also the tools and attention. And by tools, I mean brushes and towels, but above all hair dryers, rubber bands, plates, fabrics. That is to say everything must be of a certain quality and respectful of the hair.

On the hair dryer and the plate it’s good not to skimp but choose professional productswhich are designed to do a great job respecting long hair”.

Silk, cotton and bamboo for the hair

Not just accessories. “Fabrics are also important because, if they are not adapted, they can create friction on the fibers of the hair shaft, lifting the scales and causing them to lose their structure.

here because I always recommend scrunchies instead of regular rubber bands, and bamboo silk or cotton pillowcases, because they are anti-friction, antibacterial and thermoregulatory fabrics”.

5. Serums, leave-ins and additional keratin treatments

“The attentions that I recommend to have in a good hair care routine are for example in the cleaning of brushes, combs, towels and pillowcases, or anything that comes into contact with scalp and hair.

The other attentions are:avoid sources of humidity, heat and friction, the three main factors of hair deterioration. To this end, special products such as serums or serums which, by their nature, must protect and condition the hair shaft and the keratin structure”.

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The expert concludes: “these products must be applied whenever there is a risk for the hair to suffer these three factors, i.e. before drying, before daily brushing, before leaving the house and before going to sleep”.


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