here is the queen’s diet and the foods banned from her table

On the occasion of the celebrations of Platinum JubileeQueen Elizabeth II has returned to steal the limelight from the international press, which admires her temperament and her ability to last 70 years at the head of a nation. At 96, the sovereign breaks the records of the English monarchy, also winning the title of “oldest sovereign in the world”. But above all “Lilibet”, as her parents, grandfather and spouse affectionately called her in the family, has reached a prestigious milestone after also defeating the Covid which weakened her quite a bit in excellent shape.

As we’ve been saying for years, the secret of longevity of Elizabeth II would lie, among other things, also in her strict diet, which is known in the palace and of which the chefs who have had the honor of cooking for the royal family have spoken. Based on rumors provided by a former cook royal kitchens, the monarch follows a balanced diet from which certain foods are banned, while others are privileged. We also know that the sovereign ate little, preferring small portions and certain canonical dishes, favoring an intelligent and parochial choice.

Even in the royal kitchens, organic foods are chosen, under the influence of Prince Charles who for years has been a proponent of this style, and in addition, zero kilometer foods are preferred. Likewise, the oldest ruler in history has long since banished from her table 6 kinds of food starting with pasta, potatoes and rice.

In addition, Elisabetta does not consume raw meat, seafood and tap water to avoid the risk of food poisoning. At court, garlic, onion and shallots are also forbidden which have a lingering smell and could cause an unpleasant inconvenience. Still on Carlo’s recommendation, since 2008 the royal family has decided to no longer consume goose or duck foie gras, for the treatments to which the animals are subjected to obtain this gourmet dish.

Elizabeth II’s diet: her secret to longevity

Instead, Queen Elizabeth’s diet is rich in fish, vegetables and fruits, favoring seasonality. For breakfast, the 96-year-old evergreen eats: cereals, yogurt, tuna toast, jam; alternatively, the sovereign consumes a savory breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. Among the sovereign’s favorite dishes are those made with fish, such as smoked herring or Dover Sole with vegetables as an accompaniment, especially spinach, salad and zucchini, which he prefers to eat for lunch.

Queen Elizabeth's Diet

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As for meat dishes, the sovereign remains light by usually consuming grilled chicken accompanied by a salad. Generally, the royal dinner is meat-based, and among the most popular dishes there is roast beef or lamb, but the queen is often also served at dinner with salmon, always accompanied by vegetables and green vegetables. Elizabeth II does not give up british tea ritual that she is served strictly without milk and without sugar and that she consumes with the classic butter biscuits at five o’clock in the afternoon, but the buffet also includes salmon and cucumber sandwiches, with eggs and mayonnaise or ham and mustard.

Her favorite dessert is here chocolate cake that the sovereign allows herself sporadically, but she also likes those made with strawberries. Indeed, Elizabeth II usually finishes her meals by eating her personal strawberries grown for some time directly in the garden of Balmoral Castle, but she also likes the white peaches that grow at Windsor Castle.

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