Holiday homes: a trend that is also growing in Puglia

Despite the uncertainty of the times, for most Italians it is time to organize a vacation and summer holidays. It’s time to close your eyes and forget the office to imagine lying under an umbrella in the beautiful sea of ​​Puglia, also this year among the most popular destinations for Italians.

In recent years, the main choice concerns housing, Hotel, bed and breakfastB or vacation home? Let’s see the trends for the future, with particular reference to holiday homes in Puglia which in the last period have experienced significant growth.

Holiday homes: the trend in Puglia

In the 2021, in Puglia, we have seen really important figures, with more than 50,000 nights sold and an increase of 70% compared to the previous year. In Puglia, the trend is positive and progressing again this year. Already at the start 2022the figures recorded for the short-term rental of a house are more than encouraging.

Tourists began to see Puglia not only as a summer destination, but also as a places to visit in all seasonsand indeed in January 2022, bookings are about triple compared to January 2021, with accommodation growing by 10%.

This is because Puglia is truly a territory rich in tourist attractionsboth for the wonderful beaches to visit during the hottest periods and for the many villages and large towns that enliven it even during the coldest seasons.

Holiday homes: the advantages

Not only that, it is safer to spend your vacation in a holiday home in Puglia it is also fashionable. Indeed, more and more VIPs, national and international, decide to spend their holidays in luxury. Apulian Farms out of the chaos of beaches and cities, making the most popular and reserved homes, those with swimming pools that often coincide with luxury properties.

But in addition to the possibility of having one completely private swimming pool, the choice to stay in a holiday home rather than in a hotel is certainly linked to comfort and versatility. Moreover, with L’rent an apartmentyou have the opportunity to use the house with maximum freedom, even in terms of typical hotel hours.

Staying at home rather than in a hotel during the holidays can be comfortable, both for Large groups who will be able to have a lounge or a living room, to be able to spend time together, which is not possible in the Hotel; both for couples who will have the freedom to choose both going out and spending time in privacy at home, for example, cooking a delicious romantic dinner together without necessarily having to go to a restaurant.

But not only, the robot portrait of the average vacationer who prefers the rental apartments is that of those over 45 who reside in northern Italy, while the most popular party is that of three weeks with family.

If not for reasons of savings, the choice of holiday homes is rather frowned upon by those looking for the Relax that only a hotel treatment can reserve, no kitchen, no bed to repair, just the necessary to disconnect from everyday life.

The percentage of tourists who, in view of the next vacation, could choose to take one house for rent increases by 77%whether they are isolated farmhouses, whether they are houses in the classic tourist destinations of Salento, in Gallipoli for example but also in the heart of Puglia, in the province of Bari, to visit the famous Alberobello And Polignano a mareamongst others.

Holiday homes: costs

The economic benefits are significant, especially for whom choose to rent an apartment for a medium to long vacation period. Indeed, the average vacation for those who choose a rental house is 2/3 weeks.

For these periods, the economic convenience is considerable. Moreover, the freedom guaranteed by an independent house, it allows other advantages, such as cooking at home, shopping and saving money, being able to avoid going to the restaurant every day. Yes, eat a fish noodle, in a Apulian restaurantis part of the holidays, but doing it every day for several weeks, considerably lightens the wallet.

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