Hollowed-out faces are the beauty trend of the moment

Now that we can finally show our full face again, the hottest beauty trend seems to be hollow faces.

Hollowed-out faces are the beauty trend of the moment
Skinny face (Pexels)

After two years of restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, perhaps we can now slowly see the light. And ours too Face can finally free themselves from this protective device that we all know well now: the hide.

Covering the lower part of the face, during these two years we had to focus everything on the eyes. In fact, it is no coincidence that the eye makeup market has grown, compared to makeup in general (especially makeup dedicated to lips) which instead suffered a significant decline also due to the work clever that made women wear less makeup.

So now that we can show our full face again, however, that seems to have changed. Accustomed as we were to full and round faces, now apparently the new trend is for faces search. Let us know more.

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Hollow Faces: The Beauty Trend That’s Becoming Popular

hollow face trend
Woman in the mirror (Pexels)

If before the pandemic there was a strong demand for round and chubby faces, now we have moved to favor cosmetic surgery aimed at making the cheekbones more pronounced and the cheeks more hollow. So, in recent years, not “only” has the world changed, we have changed too, inside and out. The Covid-19 pandemic has indeed made us more alert, attentive and serious about everything around us, first and foremost to issues related to sustainable development. And this change in a certain sense is also found in the face, more angular and strict.

On the other hand, none of us will be able to forget what we have experienced in recent years and what we are still experiencing in part. Maybe that’s why the world of beauty now sees a new trend marked by rigor, in the wake of the slender faces and pronounced features typical of stars and influencers.

According to Danielle Mind, a specialist in plastic surgery and a lecturer, the demand for surgical procedures aimed at this new trend comes from both young and more mature women. However, the needs are different: twenty year olds want to highlight the jawline, cheekbones and chin, while women over forty want to eliminate the skin that has fallen with the passage of age. To carry out an intervention of this type, it is necessary to intervene on the bulla of Bichat, that is to say this round mass of fat that we have in the center of the cheek. We all have these fat “pads”, which however vary according to the conformation of the face.

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This is why, before proceeding with this intervention, it is necessary to carry out a first control visit, precisely to check the size of the Bichat bulla. In fact, it is not always possible to move forward. To do the surgery, you need to be in good health and having a full face would be ideal. On the contrary, it is not recommended for thin faces, where the effect would be too drastic and unsightly. So, if you are interested in this operation, do not take it lightly and contact a board-certified plastic surgeon.

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