How to dry long, curly, short and straight hair

You may be doing more harm than good

In fact, the wrong tilt of the hair dryer is enough to ruin thehair drying. Why know how to dry your hair it may seem trivial, a completely natural action. Nevertheless, groom well it can do more than just give you the perfect blow-dry style.

Dry your hairin fact, it is an integral part ofhair care and has a healing purpose. In addition to not damaging the foliage with too high a temperature, in fact, a ceramic or tourmaline coated hair dryer can keep the airflow controlled. This way – and keeping the right distance – the hair will not suffer any damage. Especially when protected by a thermal protector.

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If the goal is ahair drying ultra-fast, on the other hand, the good ally is a ionic hair dryer. Even then, however, the blow of air is essential: keeping it pointed from root to tip, the outer layers of the cuticles will give the hair the shine it deserves.

Yet it is the kind of Hair determine how to dry them. In short, the secret is in the technique, which can drastically improve – or worsen – the appearance of hair.

How to dry long, curly, short and straight hair

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How to dry your hair: mistakes to avoid

Blow-drying seems to be the fastest solution to any styling problem. However, it is a tool to be used with extreme caution, especially for avoid damaging the hair.

The problem, of course, is mainly related to heat. Indeed, by drying the hair with a hair dryer, the hair is not the only one to dry. The skin is also overheated. A domino effect: the water contained in the hair risks turning into steam, creating damage that is difficult to repair.

How to dry your hair properly, then? Paradoxically, take care of the scalp starting with the shampoo. The use of moisturizing and regulating products, in fact, ensures the maintenance of hair nutrition and health.

Drying times make the difference. The key, in fact, is do not rush. And devote all the time necessary to the hair routine. Also pay attention to the frequency of washing. If shampoo every day is not a problem for the health of your hair, using the hair dryer too often could do more harm to the hair than good.

The right drying routine for all hair types

There is a perfect drying routine for every hair type. In general, however, there are a few rules that are good to follow. It is important, for example, Gently dry your hair before using the hair dryer. A technique that is also valid for drying hair faster.

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Obviously, the use of a thermal protector cannot be missing, which can facilitate styling and protect the hair from high temperatures. At this point you have to rely on a hair dryer, to keep away not too close to the skin.

Before styling, the ideal is to opt for a pre-drying. In this case, it is advisable to dry the hair upside down to give volume to the hair and lift the roots. Pay attention, however, to do not keep the hair dryer at too high a temperature.

How to dry long hair? Tips for doing it without a hair dryer

The objective is clear: to keep the lengths silky and shiny. Without losing volume or sacrificing the beauty of natural hair. With the arrival of heat and summer, then, how to dry long hair it’s mostly a matter of timing. Find the desire of aprecise drying of long hair with the hair dryer it’s almost impossible.

That’s why give a chance tohair drying natural, with fresh air and, perhaps, a few rays of sunshine. In this case, no product will be needed for this styling, which could weigh the hair down, but only using a towel to pat down the lengths.

The ideal is to choose microfiber, suitable for eliminating excess water without attacking the hair. How to dry long hair without a hair dryer? Leaving them free. The effect is very natural and slightly wild, perfect for enhancing any texture. And if you’re in the sun, let the heat do thedrying long hair quite bulky and soft.

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Curly hair: how do they dry?

The technique to try for elastic, luminous and well-hydrated curls is the fall. In this case, it is also very important to know how to wash your hair: after the shampoo, in fact, curly hair needs hydration which is a nourishing mask that can give. And it is only in the shower, moreover, that it will be necessary to comb the lengths, to avoid frizz.

For thecurly hair drying, then you need a cotton t-shirt. Once you’ve applied any oil or leave-in conditioner, in fact, just wrap the hair in the shirt for voluminous, super-rich hair.

How to dry wavy hair? With the crumpling techniquewhich involves twisting the curls and twisting each individual strand on the towel to increase definition.

How to dry your hair from frizz with a hair dryer and a diffuser

In order not to defy humidity and frizz, you need to know how to do your hair. Strictly with the diffuser, of course. After applying a moisturizing product to nourish the hair, you should choose an intermediate temperature and, after that, work each strand.

For dry your hair with the diffuser like at the hairdresser, the secret is to move the hair dryer up and down, creating controlled volume. The key is slowness: better if done upside down, it is important to maintain the position until the hair is completely dry.

The goal, in fact, is get defined curls and avoid frizz. In addition to the right products, in this case it is the manual skill that is fundamental. The loops, in fact, should not be treated excessively, but only “massaged”, especially at the root.

Short and very short hair: how to dry it with a brush

The ABCs ofdry short hair they are volume, texture and softness. Here is why for dry your hair very short you have to start from the root and get help from the hair dryer to define the perfect fold.

The best combination is, of course, the one between the hair dryer and the brush. Keeping the jet of air 15 centimeters from the hair, slowly work the mini lengths, using all the delicacy of the case so as not to break them.

You do not know how to dry your hair? Use it to better direct the jet of the hair dryer, thus creating a professional style. Finally, the use of wax, gel and lacquer is essential to maintain thehairdressing hard earned.

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How to dry straight hair? anti-humidity tips

Maybe thehair drying more difficult is that of straight hair, which must avoid the flat and lifeless effect. In this case, the use of the hair dryer is essential: by first directing the jet on the roots, in fact, obtaining the right volume will be easy.

But be careful: smooth and dry hair it does not mean to generate a messy look and disheveled, but make the hair look full and full-bodied. It is precisely for this reason that it is necessary to control the temperature and focus on cold air, which will give the hair a special shine.

How to dry your straight hair despite the humidity? Arm yourself with the best hairstyles to maintain healthy hair. A side braid, for example, can give you beautiful beach waves, while a bun will create a more wavy effect.

To retain the perfect softness, however, a precious material like silk is needed. Wrapping your hair in a turban or using a silk pillowcase will indeed straight hair to retain their shine even when dry.

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