how to make them and what are the colors of ash

Whether you bring a natural ash blonde or not, it is important to take care for your hair color. Let’s talk about a cross between blonde and castforNope which can also be used to give some light and shadows to our hair.

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Ash blonde is one of the most popular colors and which never goes out of style, precisely because of its Versatility. Indeed we can find the ash blonde on:

  • full length hair,
  • only on tips
  • or even on some locks.

Let’s give free rein to our imagination and see together how to have gods perfect ash blonde hair.

Why choose ash blond

First the ash blonde suitable for both brunettes and blondes. It’s about a color tending towards gray, but with a light blond base. We can opt for a warmer ash blonde or more coldbut also experiment with shades or colored tips.

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Remember that the ash blonde is particularly suitable for those who have the fair complexion and eyes. If you are always tanned or have skin Mediterranean verging on olive, this color not the best for you. In fact, the contrast between ash blonde and fair skin enhances definitely the brightness of the complexion. While for those who tend to dark complexion it will do the opposite effectthat is, it will turn it off.

Ash blonde hair is a great choice to give a boost of freshness in our eyesespecially now that summer is approaching. This coloring looks great in the summer under the rays of the sunespecially if you have chosen to dye only the tips or have done some highlights.

Which color suits you?

When we decide to dye us ash blondewe can choose from several shades of color. In fact, this color can be made very light (almost to white) or lighter dark and warm. We have the option of opting for a full blonde look from roots to ends, or use it as a base for a beautiful sweep or a shatush.

This tint it is also very useful for white hair mask which, you know, sooner or later come a bit for everyone. If we start from an already fairly clear base, the the ash blonde will give some shades to the tips, leaving the roots darker and more natural. Whereas if we have one darker baseash blond is useful for lighten all hair and give a little freshness to our look.

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How to care for ash blonde hair

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If you are lucky enough to be natural ash blonde you won’t have to do much to take care of your hair, a good quality shampoo and conditioner will do the trick. When your blonde looks a little dull, you can also do some mask with gold pigmentstherefore of revive the reflections a little.

If on the other hand you got this beautiful coloring with a tint, you will need to be very careful with hair care. We advise you to buy products such as anti-yellowing masks or balms. This way you will prevent the color from turning straw yellow and will strengthen the hair at the roots.

A good example of anti-yellowing products are cosmetics from the range Blonde Absolu from Kérastase. Very common is the purple hair mask to apply once or twice a week, to prevent yellowing of the hair. This product line is much recommended for the treatment of hair that has been bleached and therefore weakened. Beyond use the maskwe also recommend repair serums for colored hair andfortifying oil for blonde hair.

Tips for perfect hair

If you have decided to try an ash blonde tinaconsider that this the coloring is quite neutral, we can therefore consider a beautiful assorted gritty cut. For make the most of this colorwe advise you to dare with a short haircut like a bob or bob, if it matches your face shape.

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Also, if you opt for gods reflexes or shush ash blond, consider that they go very well with a to bend. By creating beautiful waves you will reinforce the effect of the blonde tint and you can have a surfer look that gives a lot in summer. Even the smooth effect enhances this color, especially on a short haircut with very fashionable bangs this year.

Short, it is not difficult to always have perfect hair when choosing ash blonde, it suits almost all skin tones and all hair types. But don’t forget to treat them well and use anti-yellowing shampoos and masks at least twice a week. Over time the color tends to fade and take on a straw effect which can soften facial features, for this reason it is always good to try to revive the color with chamomile or beer compresses.

Ash blonde in summer

In particular if you will go to the sea and you will have a lot of sunremember that yours the ash blond could become brighter by the rays of the sun. In this case, we advise you to use sunscreen products for the hair protection before going to the beach and reapply them often.

We recommend the purchase of protective sun oils such as that of Collister which acts as a protective patina throughout the hair and prevents damage to dyed hair. Otherwise, even the oil Bilboa it is very useful to keep hair hydrated even during sun exposure. The use of sunscreen products for the protection of dyed hair this is essential, because after bleaching the hair tends to wear out and dehydrate more quickly.

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We can conclude by saying that the ash blonde is a color that never fades, beautiful in all seasons, it always makes us feel fresher and brighter. If you’ve never tried ash blonde, your time has surely come!

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