I am a hairdresser and the type of curls you put in your hair says a lot about you

HAVING curly hair, natural or otherwise, sets you apart from everyone else.

It’s always a pretty bold statement to make, whether you go for beachy waves or tight curls, you’re more than likely to stand out from the crowd.

Different types of curly hairstyles reveal something very different about your personality, even if it’s a one night only style, what you choose can reveal something about you that you didn’t know.

Speaking to Fabulous, hair expert Erik Emblen, owner of Devana salon in Denver, Colorado, explained what your curly hair says about you.

Erik said, “Having curly hair is much easier than straight hair because once you learn how to style it using the best products, you realize your curly hair will style itself for you.”

Beach waves

I am a hairdresser and the type of curls you put in your hair says a lot about you


This trendy feminine style never seems to go out of style and is the perfect effortless look for everyday life.

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Erik says that people who move in this haphazard way “are spontaneous and sexually uninhibited.

“They are ready to give up everything at the first opportunity to embark on an exotic adventure abroad.”

Old Hollywood Waves

Hollywood's glamorous waves scream expensive and chic


Old Hollywood Waves are the perfect hairstyle for a big event or if you just want to spice up your trip to the grocery store.

The style evokes a sense of sophistication that other curly styles don’t have, says Erik, “For a first date, they prefer a night out at a museum than going out dancing.”

Tight curls

Tight curls can be harder to manage, but they look great if you know how.


This youthful hair style isn’t for everyone, but if you can pull it off, it’s probably your signature look.

Erik said: “They are politically liberal and yearn for greater global awareness of climate challenges.”

Unbrushed curls

Do not loosen curls with a wide-tooth comb or your fingers may feel awkward


“They’re confused about how they look, sexually frustrated, and secretly want to be single,” Erik revealed.

Not brushing out the curls works for some hair types, but if you use a protective treatment and leave the curls as they are, it can look weird.

curly bob

A curly bob is a bold style and could age you if you're not careful.


Having a bob is a bold statement, but adding curly hair on top is a bold move.

“They have above-average intelligence, are politically conservative and prefer red wine to white,” Erik revealed.

curly bangs

Curly hair with bangs isn't for everyone, but some lucky people can pull it off


A fringe is not for everyone, it is a high maintenance hairstyle and not easy to work with.

But Erik thinks people with curly bangs are all in the range, “they’re playful, have a good sense of humor and are addicted to TikTok,” he says.

bleached curls

Bleached curls can be hard to achieve, but if you can, it's a statement worth making.


The hair professional said: “They’re afraid to look like their mother and want to vacation on a tropical beach.”

Bleaching your hair can be especially harmful if it’s not done right, but peroxide blonde curls are a huge claim and might be worth the risk.

He barely gives us a sign

If your waves are barely there, you might like a drink, according to the hairstylist


You could have this hairstyle if you curled your hair a few days ago and let it fall naturally, or you could rock this look naturally.

Either way, hair guru Erik says people with this look “are confused about who they are.”

He added that “they look up to people with dominant personalities and tend to abuse alcohol.”

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