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Vincenzo Boviski

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From Myspace to Tik Tok, via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The evolution of social networks is a bit like the story of digital generations who have moved from the real to the virtual. With the effect of shortening the distance between the “stars” and their followers, of generating “friendships” even virtual with an ever wider circle of people by breaking free from the barriers of space, but also of click honors, with enormous speed, young and old without special technical knowledge: just a smartphone and you’re done. Obviously, however, there are those who use social networks professionally to the point of making a career out of it.

There are those who have built their success and career through social media. Vincenzo Bovino, doc Coratino, makes his way among them. Twenty-three years old in a few days, Vincenzo is a popular TikToker: 180,000 followers on his “Vincenzo Boviski” account, through which he talks about his great passion for fashion, meeting great success especially with his peers.

We interviewed him.

TikTok is one of the most used social networks by new generations. Why, in your opinion?

Tiktok connects all the previous realities or the possibility of keeping in touch with users, the scrolling of posts which are no longer photos but videos, the possibility above all of giving everyone creative freedom and the possibility of expressing themselves in giving more opportunities for virality. Instagram and Facebook have a more closed audience system and the possibility of growing your audience is much more complex, while TikTok really gives anyone a chance to become a webstar, but above all by achieving better to entertain.

How did your social activity start?

I first started with YouTube. I had a channel with one of my childhood friends; we made a challenge, following the fashion of this period. I then switched to a personal channel but without success. There was a lack of consistency and above all YouTube is much more demanding.

What happened next?

After a weight loss course, I improved my appearance a lot and I had the Instagram phase where I put many photos that represented me. At the same time I approached the world of fashion.

When did TikTok arrive?

I downloaded it in 2019 at first to watch videos but the real creative sequence came out during lockdown. I started out mostly out of boredom, but then with consistency and the urge to do, I ended up with numbers I never expected to get. For me, even 10,000 views was unthinkable.

When you started using social media, did you ever imagine reaching a large audience like today?

Honestly, I didn’t expect to reach so many people, especially because of the flop I had with YouTube. But today, I think I could do much better. Today I am very busy with the university which is a priority.

Do you feel like an influencer?

Influencer is a word I don’t like (laughs). I feel like a country boy doing what he loves, a creative person by essence.

Social is your passion. Do you think they can become your job?

I think social networks can be a great springboard for anyone, especially in the workplace when it comes to the web and communication. Then, if you do everything full-time and at the highest level, you can totally make a living working on content creation. However, this requires a lot of effort and above all perseverance. Nothing is due.

What are the potentials of TikTok in areas that are not strictly playful? I am talking for example of corporate marketing, information campaigns but also medical, social, prevention and education, etc…

TikTok is a platform that allows everyone to have visibility. I believe that especially in the culinary and medical fields it works a lot. Today I see plastic surgeons, dentists, cooks, pizza makers who have made a fortune with the public and customers thanks to TikTok. I think the reality of Puglia should look better at this reality to highlight its products, especially those of gastronomy and wine that the whole world envies it.

How was your passion born?

My passion was born mainly by telling what I like, giving good advice, a fashion space that includes stylist and design and also a humorous side… I am a big consumer of memes

How was your content born?

I think they stem from a desire to pass something on to someone. I love the fact that people remember me for something in fact through my videos on TikTok I have always tried to be clear myself.

Do you make a lot of money with social networks?

I don’t have millions of followers and views so I don’t earn much on social media. Most of the time, I think of social media as a hobby rather than a job. However, if I have collaborations and find myself in periods of great constancy and activity, I have small gains that put me at ease especially with regard to my passion for clothing… I I’m a shopaholic!

There are also those who don’t look kindly on the world of social media. Many choose light content, others flaunt their bodies in order to gain followers. What do you think?

Far be it from me to pass any judgement. However, I believe that there is an underestimation, in general, of those who work with the web at the media level. I think those who are too exposed, particularly in terms of nudity or hyper-explicit content, do it because they like it… after all, we are all a little narcissistic. The fact that we receive interactions or likes is something that makes us happy. So I don’t think there should be a scandal for a photo in costume, for example.

What do you want to be?

When I grow up, I would like to work in the fashion world, maybe in a creative team. I would like people to recognize me for my creativity. In all this I always try to give a style and a recognizable imprint also through the often extravagant looks that I wear.

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