I teach you how to make them shine with a single gesture

Make your gray hair more uniform and shiny using this ancient natural remedy: at 0 cost and with incredible results!

Until a decade ago, gray regrowth or totally gray hair was not only a risky choice, but synonymous with abandonment and old age. From then on, many women became true slaves to dye, frequently going to the hairdresser to cover up regrowth. Now the beauty factor trends have changed radically and among the color trends we find this color: gray.

shiny gray hair
No more dull gray hair: that way they will be super shiny!!

Said in a sweeter form silver or graythere are many girls who even decide to dye your hair this color, now a guarantee of elegance and charm. It doesn’t matter whether they’re dyed or completely natural, because you’ll have to contend with a fairly common problem: yellowing. A phenomenon that often occurs for the use of certain shampoos or for exposure to the sun. This tends to turn them off, make the color dull and dull. But what if we told you that we can stem the problem with a powerful and natural ancient remedy? You will be amazed!

Here’s how to get shiny, shiny gray hair – just one kitchen ingredient

Usually very light hair like platinum blonde and silver tends to turn yellow after a while and one of the best products is purple anti-yellowing shampoo. Viola seriously! The pigment in fact tends to attenuate and extinguish all the yellowish nuances, thus standardizing the color. In most cases, however, these products are quite expensive and may also contain ingredients that are not suitable for respecting the hair fiber. What to do in these cases? Dye everything again? Absolutely not!

grey hair
If you want to slightly darken your hair while keeping the grey, do rosemary water rinses!

Today we teach you a very old and powerful home remedy, which was used when the sedans in the current colors certainly did not exist yet. What we will need will be the very common purple basil! Now available at any nursery or plant care specialty store, this type, if boiled, releases the dark purple colorwhich will be used in this case for make gray hair shiny, eliminating yellow highlights. However, you can also use classic basil because after a few minutes of cooking, the water will take on a purplish gray color, however the most suitable will be purple basil. How do we continue?

We put in a saucepan about 200ml water. We add 7/8 large fresh purple basil leaves then bring it all to the fire and boil. When the first bubbles appear, lower the heat and cook until all the leaves release the color, which is a nice deep, dark purple. We filter and let cool. You can then use the water very simply by rinsing after the shampoo, keeping it on for about 5 minutes and drying it directly with a hair dryer or creating an anti-yellowing mask. It will be necessary to dissolve 2 tablespoons of cornstarch in a cup of basil water, pour into a saucepan and cook until creamy. Let dry and spread on the lengths and roots, leaving on for 30 minutes. Once rinsed, our gray will be luminous and radiant!

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