I’m a beauty expert – here’s what your nails say about your personality

If you thought your hands only revealed your true age, you’d be wrong!

Handheld readers aren’t the only ones that can tell a thing or two about the state of our hands, in fact a simple choice like your manicure might give you more than you think.

If you decorate your fingers with long nails, you are probably an observer


Whether it’s your sense of style, the job you have or your passion,

Here, beauty editor Tara Ledden tells you exactly what your fingers say about you.

Needle shape

If you’re a fan of the scary pointed stiletto nail, chances are you’re a daredevil.

The sharp point is not for the faint of heart, so anyone who can pull it off enjoys being the center of attention.

Also, since it’s the shape most likely to get hurt or broken, you have to be a risk-taker to commit.


Those who gravitate toward a boxy finish are independent and stubborn.

The right angle shape is generally preferred by those who are ambitious and confident.

So if you like the flat edge, you’re probably a natural leader and have no problem making tough decisions or dealing with the consequences, even if it means confrontation.


The rounded shapes of the nails indicate that the wearer is cool, calm and collected.

If you wear oval nails, you’re probably a nice person and the friend everyone struggles with.

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Fiercely loyal and compassionate, you sometimes fight battles that aren’t yours, but the intent is always in the right place.


Do the nails just reach the edge of the finger? You are a fact, easy going and always ready to roll up your sleeves and get involved.

You are impulsive and don’t like to plan things too far in advance in case you change your mind.

With such a neat finish, you probably have a well-thought-out job as a nurse or cook and spend a lot of time getting your hands on those around you.

Unlike lovers of long nails, those with short hands like to get involved



If you have long fingernails, on the other hand, you are more likely to be an observer than to take action.

You like to be in the back seat and watch things happen from the sidelines.

Growing long nails isn’t easy, so you’re probably patient and attentive, and a big romantic at heart.

French manicure

There’s only one polish style suitable for perfectionists, and that’s the French manicure.

Sleek, subtle, and casual chic, if that’s your go-to style, you’re probably also a creature of habit and like to know exactly what to expect from everything you do.

You don’t like surprises, you have a small group of close friends and you like your space.

nail art

Intricate nail art is for the daring.

If you regularly change yours like your underwear, you’re a trendsetter, probably spending too much time browsing tiktok for inspo.

Nail art is also a sure sign that you are creative and love to read because you are a passionate dreamer and a true optimist. There aren’t many things bothering you, not even a broken fingernail!


Those who love glitter even when the holiday season is over are the life and soul of the year-round party.

You’re young at heart, the first to order the shots and the last to leave the dance floor.

You’re also a bit of a magpie and a firm believer that more is more when it comes to fashion.

Young at heart, you're the last to leave the dance floor


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