I’m a beauty expert: people always make the same fake tan mistakes, like easily avoiding uneven knees and orange hands

FROM mousses and mists to droplets, there are countless products to choose from to achieve that bronzed skin, without having to go near a tanning bed.

But there are plenty of red – or should we say orange – flags that come from tanning a bottle.

Beauty writer Siobhan O’Connor reveals the biggest faux pas and shares her advice on how to keep fake cooking from failing.


Has your bronzer ever turned green? It’s one of the biggest tanning fails and makes you look cheap rather than fancy.

If this happens, your faux bake has oxidized. This happens when too much oxygen has entered the bottle.

I’m a beauty expert: people always make the same fake tan mistakes, like easily avoiding uneven knees and orange hands


To avoid wasting a valuable product, store it in a cool, dry place, avoiding extremes of temperature and direct sunlight, and make sure it is securely fastened so that no air enters the bottle.


TODAY, our beauty routine includes several product application phases.

But if there’s one regimen that should never be layered, it’s fake tan.

If there's one diet that should never be layered, it's fake tan.


It’s not only wasteful, but you can’t see what you covered and what you missed, increasing the risk of a streak.

These make you look like an amateur and are a total clue that your tan is fake.


ONE thing you should always do before tanning is to exfoliate.

This is because the product sticks to dead, dry skin, causing uneven areas with higher pigmentation. So if your tan sticks to your feet, knees, and elbows, here’s why.

Fake tan adheres to dead, dry skin causing bumpy areas with higher pigment


Simply brush your body from head to toe, going a little harder on your elbows, knees and heels, day or night, before planning your tan. It also hydrates these areas.

Get the Bondi Sands Dual Action Exfoliating Glove, £5.99, lookfantastic.com.


IT happens to the best of us. But walking out with stained and streaky fingers and hands is probably the biggest faux pas.

TikTokers recommends applying baby oil to your hands with a brush so you can easily cover the inside of your fingers to make sure there are no harsh lines.

Orange hands happen to the best of us


But if it’s too late, dip your hands in olive oil to dissolve and fade any visible orange stains.


We’ve all been there: the tan starts on our skin, but ends up running down our clothes as soon as we sweat, or worse, it starts to rain.

Then there’s the age-old problem of tan-staining sheets and towels. It’s not good.

Tan-stained sheets and towels are an age-old problem


So, just like you would with makeup, spray on the tan as well.

It eliminates post-tan clinginess and also adds a protective veil that will prevent residue from running and staining.

Try Skinny Tan Dry Fog Finishing Spray, 200ml, £6.49, Boots.


You can always spot people who aren’t normal tanners, because their fake baking usually flakes a week later and there’s nothing they can do about it.

This is a big mistake and you better not even try to tan in the first place.

You can still spot people who aren't regular tanners, as their fake cooking usually breaks down a week later.


If you managed to successfully tan, now you must also manage to lose it. A long soak will soften stubborn stains, as well as a gentle scrub.

This is crucial if you plan to reapply it, as putting it on the old tan will cause uneven development.


IF your foundation is a different color than the rest of your tanned body, it doesn’t look good. This tends to happen because people stick to their winter foundation but tan their bodies.

You have a few options. Bronzer your face, but with the face bronzer in the same shade as the body bronzer. Try Isle of Paradise Night Glow Self Tanning Face Mist, 100ml, £15.95, lookfantastic.com, which is gentle.

If your foundation is a different color from the rest of your tanned body, it doesn't look good


Or, if you can’t part with your favorite foundation, mix it with a dollop of liquid bronzer to evenly match your skin tone.

Remember to cover your neck and behind your ears. Mix with bronzer.


Whether it’s an instant tan at home or a spray tan you’ve done professionally, the worst thing you can do is let the skin touch your skin right after, as it will instantly create spots on the skin. as the tan moves from point to point.

The problem areas are between the breasts, armpits, thighs, etc.

Make sure you have loose clothing that you can easily throw away after lighting.

And Michaella says, “Use talcum powder or powder for areas where your skin touches, like your breasts, as the powder will help absorb natural sweat.”


Have you ever tanned and looked like a plane drop after three years on the Costa del Sol?

That might be too much for this time of year. Keep it thin. A certain ingredient will help you choose the perfect tan.

Have you ever tanned and looked like an airplane after three years on the Costa del Sol


Tanning and skincare expert Michaella Bolder says, “If you are pale and want a natural, sun-kissed glow, I would avoid darker tan shades with higher levels of DHA as it would add too much red pigment to the skin.

“For a beautiful, natural-looking tan, opt for something with less DHA like St. Tropez Gradual Tan Daily Firming Lotion.”


HERE is our selection of products to help you stay healthy when you’re in the sun, at home or abroad.

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