I’m a professional chef: here are 5 things I would never have in my kitchen and what to buy instead

Mat and mixing ingredients will be much easier once you clean up the cooking utensils you don’t need.

Some items should be kept in your arsenal when preparing future meals, but there are others that should be discarded as soon as possible.

You shouldn't buy huge pot sets just because they're momentarily trendy.


Speaking to PureWow, professional chef Carrie Nahabedian made it clear which items she thinks are not worth keeping in your pantry.

Trendy kitchen utensils or huge kitchen utensils

“There’s this FOMO that says don’t participate in the next kitchenware trend or fad. You see everyone having some type of pan and so you feel like you should too,” Nahabedian explained.

But you shouldn’t buy huge pot sets just because they seem to be all the rage.

Instead, you should buy sturdy individual pots and pans that will serve the purpose you need them for.

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“It’s great to have it all dressed up, but some of my favorite pans are $20 and I’ve had them for decades,” Nahabedian said.


Nahabedian says you should ask yourself, “How often am I really going to use this?” when it comes to small kitchen appliances.

He also pointed to the fact that we will go through different stages when cooking, saying, “Perhaps you are currently interested in learning how to make yogurt, so you buy a yogurt maker.

“Eventually, you’ll realize you don’t need that yogurt maker anymore.”

With that in mind, a bread maker, egg cooker, and tabletop convection oven are also some of the items a professional chef wouldn’t have in the kitchen.

Instead, you should buy devices for continuing purposes.

“I prefer a clean, filtered kitchen, so if you’re going to buy smaller appliances, they should be things you use regularly,” Nahabedian said.

“I think everyone needs a Kitchenaid mixer in their life because it encourages you to do things like baking or whipping cream for hot chocolate.”

Nahabedian’s additional recommendations were a good blender that you can use over the years, as well as a food processor.


Plastic utensils tend to melt, so Nahabedian naturally recommends staying away from them.

Instead, you should get rubber and wooden utensils.

“For a beginner who is just starting to build their collection, I recommend rubber spatulas and sturdy wooden or stainless steel tools,” he says.

Nahabedian also suggested: “Balloon whisks, peelers, melon dancers, zesters, and microplanes.”


“I prefer to stay away from plastic boards,” Nahabedian said. “Even though you have a different color for each – red for meat, green for vegetables – I personally don’t think they’re as hygienic.

“And the feeling of cutting on a plastic board is not so satisfying.”

Nahabedian also dislikes glass cutting boards, stating, “I find glass cutting boards interesting, but if you want to avoid the sound of a knife on the glass, I wouldn’t buy them.”

Instead, Nahabedian said you should buy wooden cutting boards.

“One thing I always emphasize is having a big, heavy wooden cutting board and investing a lot.

“They are perfect for presenting cold meats and cheeses and are more pleasant to use.

“I am also very interested in the Boos cutting boards. They are thick and substantial, clean exceptionally well and remain very hygienic. I use them both in my restaurants and in my kitchen.”


“Knives are very personal,” Nahabedian said. “I don’t recommend buying a knife if it’s beyond your skill level.” Although you may want to buy a full set of knives, Nahabedian recommended that you buy a single nicer knife and see how you like it before investing in several at once.

Nahabedian said he uses Global and Henckels knives.


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“They’re strong, last a lifetime, hold an edge, and are easy to use, whether slicing a bagel or slicing fish.”

Nahabedian also advised, “Step back and look at the things you cook to see what you need.”

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