I’m a teen mom and had to keep my pregnancy a secret for 8 months – doctors judged me too but I have no regrets

A WOMAN, who became pregnant at 16, hid her pregnancy from friends and family for eight months and doctors told her she would never do anything with her life.

Asahela Rose, now 31, from London, explained that even though she was pregnant at such a young age, she was more concerned about telling her family than how she would support her child.

I’m a teen mom and had to keep my pregnancy a secret for 8 months – doctors judged me too but I have no regrets


The young mother felt judged, even by medical professionals, and worried about the response she would receive.

She said: “I found out I was pregnant at my daughter’s father.

“I never worried about how I would have enough money to raise him, I had watched my mum start a family on her own and I knew I could do the same.

“The only thing I was worried about was telling my mum.

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“I broke the news to her two days later at the front door ready to race. I was making a grandma out of her at 38.

“She was shocked and disappointed, but she was really supportive the whole time.”

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Ashela she began to suffer the judgment of those around her, which led her to decide to keep news of many members of her family until the eighth month of pregnancy.

She said: “I thought the doctors would be there to support me and cover my ass, but a lot of them asked me how I was going to do something with my life and told me they weren’t sure. didn’t expect my son’s father to be around often. .

Doctors told Asahela Rose it would be nothing


Despite the judgment, she raised her beautiful daughter and is now a mother of three


“I felt very alone and just decided to tell my mum that I was pregnant at first.

“I told my dad six months into the pregnancy. He was disappointed but coped with it surprisingly well.

“The rest of my family discovered it when I was eight months old.

“No one is ever happy for someone when they are pregnant at a young age.”

Ashela she explained that the first year of raising her daughter Shamaya, who is now 14, was one of the toughest challenges she faced.

She said: ‘When my daughter was four weeks old I went back to college and was so exhausted.

“I felt sparse, especially the first year I was dropping her off at kindergarten. I was in college all day, picking her up, coming home, cooking dinner, breastfeeding…I had to grow up very quickly.”

Despite the difficult first years, Asahela she is now a mother of three and I would advise all other young mothers not to be discouraged by the judgment they may face.

She said: “It’s strange that women who need support instead receive such harsh judgement, even from other mothers who know what it’s like.

“Even if it seems impossible for you as a single mother, know that you can cross over.”

Asahela now runs her own business, Rosebuds Aroma, with her daughter Shamaya.

She explained that she believed in instilling entrepreneurial skills and a work ethic from an early age was essential and she couldn’t be more proud of how Shamaya got into business. .

He said: “I won’t be here forever and I want him to know now that he can be successful if he focuses on things.

“One of my proudest moments since founding Rosebuds Aroma was seeing her on launch day showcasing our products to potential customers.”

Shamaya, now 14, and her inspirational mother run their company Rosebuds Aroma together


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