In Librino, caterpillars become butterflies. A beautiful project of a kilometer and a half long, of social inclusion and sharing of beauty.

15 thousand citizens, mothers and children, share the artistic process of the new “Butterfly Gate” designed by Antonio Presti

A path towards a common and universal value: the future. This is how the artist and patron Antonio Presti he continues to travel in the neighborhood of Librino, sowing Beauty and donating to the inhabitants of the projects they graft a new ethical and civic awareness. In these weeks the artistic and pedagogical workshops with mothers and school students are underway, which have involved so far more than 15,000 people, with the aim of transforming an anonymous wall that rises on the skyline of the suburbs of Catania into a single Carry in the bosom of the Great Mother.

Caterpillars become butterflies» : From a creeping condition dictated by this contemporaneity to the sensation of soul freedom; from the darkness of the pandemic to the light of rebirth; from the clouding of consciences to Joy of life. It is the real cultural emergency that needs a transition; this is how the new will be born butterfly door: an opening which will restore the experience of the Dream.

“The most powerful weapon we have is Knowledge – he says Antonio Presti – knowledge frees us, ignorance subjects us to a condition of slavery. But the true medicine of the soul is the Dream. Which, combined with desire and gratitude, can overcome fears and uncertainties. This is the message that I try to convey to the young people who, in recent months, have participated in the workshops with great passion, energy and hope. A long work with artists, architects and artistic schools in Sicily, which also involves mothers and which in fact represents a political response to the way Art manages to restore a reappropriation of the territory and a new identitythrough the performance of the work itself. I will never stop thanking the inhabitants of the neighborhood, who have always welcomed the initiatives of the Foundation with great commitment and with an impetus that pushes us all beyond the borders of Librino, projecting us towards new horizons. Respect breeds respect. And today, in the name of thanks, this partnership with Librino and his people continues.”

In Librino, caterpillars become butterflies.  A beautiful project of a kilometer and a half long, of social inclusion and sharing of beauty.
Lend during student workshops

The great revolutionary project in the name of Art feeds on the value of sharing and gratitude. More than 15 years after the creation of the “Gate of Beauty“- monumental work which made it possible to begin a true maieutic path and which today represents the symbol of the creative graft – Soon he decides to multiply the messages of love coming from the purest souls, those of children, by creating the new Work, which will come to life on the concrete wall of the equipped Axis, 8 high and one long kilometer and a half, which divides the neighborhood like a plague. During the workshops, the young people shape the clay, fixing in an indelible way their thoughts, born from common reflections, from the search for deep meanings, from the analysis of this present and from the projection of their existence towards the future. Like pieces of a great puzzle that makes up everyone’s life, these terracotta shapes will one day be part of the largest ceramic bas-relief sculpture in the world. “Just as today the children of that time bring their children to breathe the Love that is drawn along the Door of Beauty – continues Presti – the children of this present will do the same tomorrow with their children . The Porte de la Beauté and the Porte des Papillons will be timepieces of the last four generations in Librino. Who was the protagonist yesterday as a child, continues to be today as a parent: a chain that is perpetuated over time in the name of the Ethics that has been regenerated between these classrooms and in this Present so fragile, so empty, which needs never before as now. to be filled with content”.


The artistic schools and high schools of Sicily meet in Librino to build a the future in the name of ethics.

Here are the numbers of the new Porte Papillon: a kilometer and a half of reinforced concrete wall, beyond 5,000 students from 16 Sicilian artistic high schoolsapproximately 10,000 children from the nine Librino schools and their families, more than 50 artists and architects selected by the Fiumara d’Arte Foundation, in collaboration with a network of young curators.

In recent months, educational workshops have been held, with the participation of children from elementary and middle schools in the district of Librino: workshops through which students have been able to deepen their theoretical study and the choice of life values, thus having the awareness of becoming warriors of light, and subsequently the practice of working with clay. Groups of tutors and experts thus trained the students to create terracotta artifacts with which they could represent their thoughts and the meaning of the theoretical work carried out.

The project is currently underway in the schools of Librino, the sharing with all the inhabitants has begun, with the hope of inaugurating the monumental work by 2022.

“The ‘Butterfly Gate’ – continues Antonio Presti – refers to the vision of a child who can go through a dark and dark moment, just like the caterpillar. Who, however, can always see the light and in an instant turn into a butterfly: I would like to transmit this vision of suspension and dream against the heaviness of this contemporaneity, to restore lightness to a state of mind which risks imploding in its gravity. On the one hand there will be all the inhabitants who will continue the process of sharing with the artists, on the other the children, in a path of growth where they will have to assume ethical, political and cultural commitments. Because power is knowledge, ignorance is slavery. And with Beauty we can grow free citizens, citizens educated no longer to ask, but to do”.

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