Kate Middleton, her make-up for an immediate facelift costs just over 10 euros

Kate Middleton use simple makeup to look younger and reduce wrinkles and signs of fatigue on the face. She simply straightens her hair and tucks it behind her ears. Just treat ’em with della professional lacquer, like that of Tigi (11.05 euros), which you can buy online at a reduced price even for less than 10 euros. The instant lifting effect is ensured without invasive or costly procedures, as revealed Richard Ward, hairdresser to the Duchess of Cambridge.

hair spray

hair spray

You can buy professional hairspray that Kate Middleton uses online

Kate Middleton, the lacquer that rejuvenates 10 years

Richard Ward is the hairdresser who invented Kate Middleton’s famous hairstyle with curls, made with the magic brush literally snapped up. And who has now researched a new style for the Duchess to suit her needs as a 40-year-old mother of three who is also growing professionally, as she takes on more responsibilities within the Court and more and more is called upon to replace the queen at institutional events.

Kate must therefore present herself more and more at the top and without showing any element of submission, which also includes a tired, marked and dull face, which would not give the sparkling image that the monarchy needs. The scheme found by Lady Middleton, without resorting to cosmetic procedures that take too much time and effort to be effective, is very simple, it can be done by all of us safely at home, even without a hairdresser, just the right hairspray which is 10 years younger.

Kate Middleton, the immediate facelift

To reveal Kate’s secret, Richard Ward explains how to make it the hairstyle with an immediate lifting effect. The expert tells al Daily Mailthat the straight-haired duchess’s new look wore behind the earsis today in great demand by its customers who have realized how much a simple style can rejuvenate and give more luminosity.

Ward explains that pulling the hair back improves the structure of the face, giving it more shine. The look is also highlighted, as well as possible jewels which are sometimes the essential accessories of a look. “It’s like having an instant lifting effect without using a scalpel.”

The hairstylist says the hair makeover has worked not only with Kate but with all of her clients who have wanted to try it: “It’s amazing how every one of them looked 10 years younger. This hairstyle allows me to create something different without sacrificing the hair.”

Kate Middleton, how to make the hairstyle that rejuvenates

However, Ward points out, for the new hair to truly look younger, the hair needs to be completely smooth and not even one of them frizzy or out of place. It means getting the desired result it takes at least 90 minutes, this is the only boring aspect of the procedure which the expert explains step by step.

After washing, the hair should be dried with a hair dryer with a nozzle, using a brush on which you sprayed hairspray. Then each strand must be disciplined with gel or possibly with another hairspray. For those with particularly thick hair, he recommends using the plate and then disciplining it again with hairspray. You can optionally opt for a very sleek low ponytail. The important thing is that all the strands are disciplined and strictly behind the ears.

This hairstyle can be done as well if you have long hair as with a bob, or with short haircuts. It suits all face types, except maybe those with a slightly elongated face.

Kate Middleton's facelift

Kate Middleton, hair makeup behind the ear immediate lifting effect

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