Kempner’s rice diet

What you need to know about the Kempner Rice Diet, a special and very effective diet for weight loss.

Kempner’s rice diet, how this diet designed to lose weight and get in shape works. This dietary pattern will ensure that you do not give up the fundamental contribution of carbohydrates, which represent the fuel we need to run the human body.

Kempner’s rice diet
A girl while she eats outside (Photo Pixabay)

A minimum daily quantity must be guaranteed to our body for its proper functioning and to avoid imbalances. This type of diet was designed in 1993 by the nutritionist of the same name whose name it bears.

It was Dr. Kempner to realize that, among the populations that used the most rice, the cases of heart problems, hypertension and obesity were lower in percentage.

This diet includes first of all a first phase of detoxification and taking on average 800 kcal per day. Thereafter this contribution increases to 1000 per day.

Kempner’s rice diet, what to eat

Fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables are allowed, as well as starches and dairy products, as well as fibers. A typical Kempner rice diet menu involves the consumption of a plate of pasta (60 grams on average) or rice (50-60 grams), with very little seasoning.

Beautiful girl eats in the kitchen
Beautiful girl eats in the kitchen (Photo Pixabay)

Then cooked and raw vegetables rub shoulders with white meat, turkey or pork, or fish. Cooking can be steamed or roasted. As for dairy products A cup of unsweetened milk or low-fat yogurt is allowed.

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Among the benefits that we will derive from compliance with these precepts, there will also be the normalization of pressure values, thanks to the fact that the protein that causes high blood pressure will be stemmed.

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Eliminate or severely limit salt, eliminate fatty foods, sweets, carbonated and sugary drinks and alcohol from your diet. presume at least 2 liters of water per day and make physical movements.

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A walk of about forty minutes every two or three days a week is acceptable, advance at a brisk pace. In any case, always seek advice from a dietician or nutritionist beforehand, especially if you are pregnant or if you are already affected by other illnesses. The duration of this diet is between two and four weeks on average.

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