Kim Kardashian’s diet for getting into the Met Gala dress

In the end he did Kim Kardashian to step into Marilyn Monroe’s very tight dress (original of course), selected for her memorable entry on the red carpet of the Met Gala 2022, alongside much-loved toy boy Pete Davidson. But what effort! We only tell you that the zip did not close, so much so that the sexy influencer and American businesswoman strategically kept a soft shawl on her hips to cover the part of the dress that remained half-open. And to say that Kim Kardashian was very diligent in following a super strong weight loss diet. Goal: lose 7 pounds. Let’s find out the secrets of the KK diet together.

Kim Kardashian’s Pre-Met Gala Weight Loss Diet

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The Marilyn Monroe dress is an extremely precious piece and obviously cannot be altered in any way. Hence the need to refine the silhouette. Kim Kardashian’s diet, reports the tabloid Peoplepredicted the younet garlic for 3 weeks of carbohydrates and sugars. Obviously it is a slimming diet aimed at the objective, but not balanced, hence the recommendation: such a diet should always be done only after having undergone an interview with the attending physician and having received his agreement. Kim Kardashian has no plans to continue beyond starvation. Always a Peoplethe star shared her post-event plans: “I’ll go back to the hotel with Pete and we’ll have pizza and donuts!”, he told reporters. How not to understand it?

The secrets of the stars to lose weight before an important event

Kim Kardashian is certainly not the only one to have been hungry before a gala evening. Diets fast and Furious (also very questionable from a health point of view) are known among stars in and around Hollywood. There are those who love Jennifer Anistonalways health conscious, prefers not to be reduced to the last e try following the intermittent fasting diet 365 days a year, with breaks of 12 to 16 hours between the evening meal and breakfast. It is said that the beautiful Angelina Jolie – who was suspected of having a serious eating disorder after her divorce from Brad Pitt – consumes 6 micro-meals a day, for a total of only 600 calories (far too little!). Then there is Beyoncewho has long relied on liquid detox days and no solid foods while sipping youn cleansing puree made with maple syrup, cayenne pepper and lemon juice. Our unbiased opinion? Don’t imitate them, it’s not worth it. Better, if you really want it, to do like Salma Hayek, whose soft, but toned and firm physique, tells of a healthy and happy relationship with food and with the mirror: a varied and appetizing diet, with a few days of detox. vegan by season, during which only raw vegetables are eaten and sugar-free fruit and vegetable extracts are drunk. That’s it!

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