Laura Cremaschi, hair in the wind and perfect shapes: everyone looks at her

Other Avanti web queen but not only; let’s get to know Laura Cremaschi in more detail, from different points of view.

A woman of immense charm and incredible beauty; Here is Laura Cremaschi from the passion for football and a doubt about what her favorite team could be, to the love life with an alleged new flirtation, to the work aspect where she is one of the most famous women in the world of entertainment.

Laura Cremaschi

Let’s start right away with the football aspect because there are two schools of thought that a team can applaud Laura Cremaschi; according to some in his heart beats Juventus. Two proofs of this thesis would be the presence of the queen of the web at theOlympicfor the final of cup italyet al Stadium in the boys’ final home game of Joyfulagainst the Lazio.

If this theory were confirmed, the Cremaschi she couldn’t be so happy with the season Bonucci and his teammates saw the fourth place in the championship, the double final lost againstInter it’s a Champions League where the Juventus she exited in the round of 16. But, as we said, there are two schools of thought.

The second, in fact, would like the Cremaschi great supporter of Rome and in this case things might be slightly better; if in the league the Giallorossi currently occupy the sixth position (a victory with the Torino for the qualification in mathematics forEuropa League), the team of Mourinhoon the twenty-fifth of May, will be played there Conference against the Feyenoord. As long as Laura Cremaschi really applauded for the Romeimagine how anxious he is for a game that can completely change the season of pilgrims and companions.

Now let’s move on to the sentimental aspect; from this point of view, one cannot fail to underline the history that Laura Cremaschi with Andrea Peronethe ex-husband of Sabrina Ferilli. The two were together for a while only to end their relationship. To date it seems that the queen of the web has found happiness.

It turns out, in fact, that Laura Cremaschi have a flirt with Alessandro Mogi; let’s talk about the son of Luciano Mogi and ex of Raffaela Ficoone of the competitors who took part in the last edition of Big Brother VIP. There is no confirmation of this love affair but there are two clues: the fact that the two seem to have taken a period of relaxation to Maldives and especially the fact that they were seen together in the cup final Italy Between Inter And Juventus.

We told you how Laura Cremaschi is a woman of extraordinary charm and beauty; for proof, here are two photos taken from his profile instagram

Laura Cremaschi, the work aspect and the relationship with Claudia Ruggeri: this is what you need to know

From a work perspective, we need to highlight how Laura Cremaschi take part in Tempation Island; she is now the queen of the web of Come anotherthe historic program channel five driven by Paul Bonolis And Luca Laurenti. As part of the game show, the Cremaschi has a good friendship with Claudia Ruggeri.

Not only do the two share the stage of the program channel five but they also registered at the university, at the faculty of psychology. Reconciling work and studies is not at all easy, but there are Cremaschi and the Ruggeri they found a solution: they take advantage of every moment of break inside Come another to continue the study.

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