Laura Pausini, the diet with which she lost 16 kg becomes popular: how does it work

Laura Pausini, who recently appeared on TV as a Eurovision Song Contest host, said she follows the SDM diet. Here’s what it offers and how it works.

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Laura Pausini she has just returned from her experience as a host, with Alessandro Cattelan and Mika, of Eurovision 2022. A prestigious stage with a truly impressive audience of spectators. The singer appeared in great shape, and she recently lost the 16 kg beauty. But how did he do it?


Laura Pausini and bodyshaming during Eurovision

Television’s involvement with the Eurovision Song Contest has at the same time made Laura Pausini theobject of very few nice considerations. There are those who, indeed, had to complain about the choice of haute couture clothes that would not have been enhanced by the physicist of the artist Solarolo. Bodyshaming in all respects, in short.

Laura Pausini and the SDM diet

Still, Pausini has lost several pounds over the past year. As reports, interviewed by the weekly ‘A’, the singer revealed that she is on the SDM diet. How does this diet work?

It’s about a specific diet for each patient and constantly monitored by a doctor. To learn how to eat better while respecting her body, Laura decided to rely on a specialist and undertake this diet which is also very successful in Hollywood.

How it works

SDM stands for Medical Dietetic Society and it is a company that produces the same foods present in the diet. The idea came from Professor Blackburn of Harvard University. There are three phases that make up this path: weight loss, transition, and maintenance.. This diet consists ofelimination of carbohydrates in favor of proteins and vegetables. Each patient follows a diet developed by a doctor who monitors their progress by planning meals from week to week.

Sometimes, to support the diet, there are also dietary supplements produced by the company to provide the supply of all the substances necessary for the body in sufficient quantities.

The Covid-positive singer

For the moment, however, Laura Pausini has other thoughts in mind. After feeling ill during the Eurovision final, in recent days, the star discovered that she was positive for Covid. On social networks, he gave the news e do not miss a thought for his daughter Paolawho she already misses so much because of the isolation she must endure until her recovery.

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