L’Legacy, former teacher Ginevra Pisani cuts her hair and changes her look (with some controversy)

The legacysince a little surprise when Professor Ginevra Pisani left the pre-party game show Rai1, led by an impeccable Flavio Insinna, now back in force at Don Matteothere were a lot of rumors that she, after realizing her dream of being an actress and working in the theater, never appeared in the studio again, although she said hers was not not a goodbye but a simple goodbye. And even now there is no question of his return for next season. During this time, the young girl is attacked on the Web for her new look which does not seem to convince the most. But she responds to criticism with a smile and a cute shrug.

Although it has been several months since the young woman, with such a past as a contender Men and womenis no longer on TV, she is still very popular on Social Networks where she loves to keep an almost direct line with her fans whom she has conquered thanks to her role as Teacher at the Court of Insinna who also wanted her as co-host of a new edition of Lunch is served. And it’s here, through a story uploaded to Instagramwho wants to respond with a smile to Criticisms which rained on her especially in this last period… The fans do not appreciate her change of look very much…

L’Legacy, former teacher Ginevra Pisani cuts her hair and changes her look (with some controversy)

Ginevra Pisani, fans disappointed by her choice to leaveHeredity

Let’s face it: fans didn’t take his choice to leave this game show very well which gave him so much fame in a short time, even if it was not his first experience on television.

In fact, the girl, just over 18, had already been a great protagonist a short time before on Canale 5 at the Court of Maria De Filippi in her very popular Men and women where she played the role of the suitor of the tronista Claudio D’Angeor. She was chosen but their story, cameras off, lasted very little.

It has practically disappeared while she began to make her way properly on television. And then, after Insinna also wanted her as his right-hand man at management level in the new edition of Lunch is served and that she was more and more loved and launched as a Professor to all‘Heredityshe decided to leave to devote herself to comedy and theatre, her immense love.

She got engaged to Vassallo and devoted herself to the theater

The fact is that this choice took place – basically – when she went public with her relationship with the actor and let everyone know about it. Alessio Vassallomost famous for the role of Mimì Augello in it The young Montalbanoposting photos and uploading stories to social media that depicted them in amorous poses.

They also worked together in the theater but then she gave us no more news of her other work commitments and she never returned to the Heredityalthough he repeatedly said, after greeting viewers of the hugely popular game show, that his was Goodbye and not goodbye.

As well there is no mention of him returning even for the next season. But the troubles for her – so to speak – do not end there: indeed many criticisms rain on her about her new look which – apparently – does not convince her fans very much…

New look for her with little controversy

Beautiful and smiling, and above all in top physical shape, Ginevra shows herself to her supporters through a charged blow on a story on his – to say the least – very popular Official Instagram profile.

This is not a selfie but a real photo taken in a beauty salon, probably her favorite where likes to be pampered in the hair. And it is precisely the latter who have been targeted: it seems that her choice to wear cheeky bangs and wavy hair, with curls, did not receive great applause and huge cheers from his supporters.

And she clearly does this by writing as a sort of caption that “She really loves herself and telling us that no, it’s just jealous“.

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