Long-term rental for individuals is the new trend of 2022

There has been a boom in long-term rentals for individuals over the past year. More and more people are opting for this type of rental because they can choose to have newer and more glamorous cars without having to shell out a big deposit. If you don’t have a rental vehicle, you’re not connected!

Long-term private rental is for everyone

There are many people who would like to have cars that they cannot afford. Thanks to the rental and the payment of monthly installments, it is possible to enjoy any vehicle of your choice and in a very economical way. For car enthusiasts, long-term rental between individuals is the best option because, every 48 months, they can change their car for a newer one. With better design, more advanced technologies and higher performance. We can say that now, long-term rental for individuals is a trend within everyone’s reach.

The benefits of renting for individuals

All drivers who like to rent have no problem changing their vehicle for a better model or another brand with a design they prefer. However, when an individual owns a vehicle and their dream car hits the market, in many cases they are still paying the loan. And therefore it is not possible to change cars. In other cases, people find it difficult to sell their current car to buy another model. Whereas with leasing, you just have to wait for the contract to expire.

Another advantage of long-term rental for individuals

It’s that high-end cars have a much higher cost for repairs, maintenance, kasko insurance and tire changes than other low-end cars. With Total rental all costs for repairs, maintenance, insurance and more are included in the monthly payment.

Fixed monthly fee

All those who enter into a medium and long-term rental agreement with Total rental they will have ALL the services included in the monthly fee, without having to pay upfront and with fixed installments for the entire duration of the contract.

What does long-term rental for individuals include?

The monthly payment includes insurance, maintenance and tire change, improving the quality of life. Reduced waiting times in garages. When it expires, you can choose to return, replace or keep your vehicle. You will benefit from the best available on the market:

  • No advance payment
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Kasko Insurance
  • tax deductible
  • Tire change
  • Home delivery

Total Renting breaks down social barriers

Thanks to long-term rental for individuals, it is no longer the case that only a few people can enjoy that dream Mercedes AMG or BMW 8 Series. These car models are so expensive that not everyone can afford to lead them. With Total rental more people will be able to drive these vehicles. Because, thanks to the payment of monthly installments, the price of these models becomes cheaper and more accessible. Rental has managed to break down the barriers that exist between high, middle and low society, since everyone can enjoy the entire catalog of vehicles offered by this great rental company that is Total Renting.

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