lose pounds for a toned and lean physique

The protagonist of this very innovative program that helps our body to deflate, to purify itself and therefore to lose a few extra pounds is the philosophy of yoga.

the method suggests a predominantly vegetarian diet able to make you discover new light but satiating flavors. Outraged purify the body favors the right dose of Power everyday, excellent ally to fight against the summer heat. The combination of a diet with yoga exercises, chosen from those capable of Enable the metabolism it aims to make the body more toned and weight loss of at least two kilos the first week then gradually one every week. The weight loss and toning process should last four weeks to get the best result. Magazine Viversane and beautiful suggests the yoga diet and its benefit, which is to make us feel good about ourselves again.

Yogic diet

The yoga diet: three food categories

In the yoga diet – suggested as we said in the magazine Viversane and beautiful – there would be three food categories who stand out in these forbiddenthose Great and foods strongly advised. The latter in some cases could also be recommended without limits. Now let’s take a look at the aforementioned categories starting with the foods that are not part of the yoga diet. Prohibited foods are those of animal origin, especially red meat. According to one of the greatest masters of yoga, Yogi Bhajan – meat, in addition to being difficult to digest – would stiffen the joints. In addition to the non-consumption of alcoholthose who follow the path of this diet must also avoid: white meats, dairy products, fish and eggs.

A rich rose of “yes” foods in the yoga diet provides the regular grain consumption. In the Hindu tradition, they are – in fact – considered great enhancers of vital energy. So, yes to rice, spelled, oatmeal, kamut and buckwheat. There is no lack of legumes and the green leafy vegetables. As well as vegetables, spices, seeds and herbs. An equally important and notable note is the origin of the food. You would be encouraged to choose the organic version. Is the special food rich in beneficial properties yogurt, a concentrate of enzymes and probiotics. Sugar free and high quality, it would be a lifesaver for our intestines. Before moving on to the next distinct phase of exercises to be included in the yoga diet, it must be said that the weight loss path – which goes from Monday to Sunday with a detailed meal schedule – considering any diet, you must always consult your medical specialist.

Adapted yoga tips and exercises

The service on Viversane and beautiful with the advice of Dr. Lanfranco Roviglio – surgeon, specialist in Dietetic in Saronno – advises us to consider a suggestion of yoga philosophy, that is, do not eat late at night. Preferably, the upper limit is at sunset. Indeed, our body will have plenty of time to regenerate during sleep. But now I have discovered the culinary bunnies, the three food categories where natural water, herbal teasgreen and black tea without sugar at most a little stevia are part of the yoga diet, here are the Pitches that yoga teachers recommend. They are distinguished by: cobra, dog for Upside down, dolphin, warrior And cricket.

Cereals in the yoga diet

the cobra

Yes yes lie upside down and raises her back while her hands are resting on the floor. While inhaling, slowly arch your back without forcing it. You return to the position of Rest during expiration.

yoga the cobra
ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

upside down dog

Standing in knee, hands and feet firmly anchored on the mat. Imagine then a rope that lifts the to safeguard as if it were the coccyx that was bound. Now rexhale calmly and deeply keeping the abdomens contracted. Here, the muscles are all active.

The dolphin

We start by getting on all fours. We point our toes and let’s rise with the forearms, then straighten the legs and try to position the heels on the surface. The hands remain open and we breathe regularly and deeply.

The warrior

It starts standing up and legs together. We proceed by doing step back with right leg. We rest the sole of the foot behind the ground and we bend the left knee so as to bring the right leg as parallel as possible to the ground. We suck the navel towards the spine and we breathe raising his arms bringing us back.

The grasshopper

We come to the last position called the cricket. Lying on the ground raise your head and chest, crossing your fingers behind your back. Only now do we raise our legs well straight, keeping the buttocks tight.

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