Male beauty is increasingly green. The interview with Priscilla Stecca

Personal care it is increasingly sophisticated and environmentally conscious. A luxury green that modern man loves.
Among the proponents of an increasingly sustainable approach in the beauty sector are Pisterzi Italian Grooming Art, which, through its prestigious workshops in Milan and New York, dictates the trends in body care and environmental protection.

Today, the Group is going further and betting on a top-of-the-range product made with ingredients of natural origin and offered with reusable and ecological packaging.
We talk about it better and in more detail with Priscilla Stecca, Marketing and Development Director of Pisterzi Italian Grooming Art.

Pisterzi Italian Grooming Art

Pisterzi Italian Grooming Art is increasingly attentive to the environment, encouraging you to live an experience that combines the care of the person and the world around him.

How important is an increasingly sustainable approach in the beauty and luxury industry today?

Pisterzi Italian Grooming Art establishes and implements a new relationship between its products and the sustainable development priorities of tomorrow create high-end care and shaving products that allow our customers to rethink the impacts of their daily beauty routine.

Through the products we guarantee an experience that promotes the well-being of our customers by encouraging them to take care of the world around them.

The brand uses refillable glass bottles and jars and reusable with suitable refills and ingredients with low environmental impact, to encourage and allow a contribution of environmental ethics thanks to simple gestures.

To understand where the company’s emissions footprint actually affects, Pisterzi conducted a survey on the carbon impact of companies through the company Quantis. Key issues resulted, such as the identification of indirect emissions, the synthesis of which enabled us to develop and prioritize the strategy and future reduction actions.

Our commitment to a sustainable brand attentive to environmental issues also starts from our workshops, where the seats are all covered with vegetable skin vegea la (vegeacompany) and the wraps we use for treatments are produced in Italy with regenerated and recycled materials.

Pisterzi Italian Grooming Art

Your packaging is sustainable with a range of glass and aluminum bottles and product refills.
Do you want to talk about it?

Pisterzi favors the use of single materials such as aluminum for tubes and glass for bottles and jars in order to facilitate the recycling of materials. The glass containers are completely and easily refillable and reusable.
To limit the use of virgin materials and support a circular economy, the brand has chosen to use special paper for all its packaging which contains recycled fibers in its formulation in a variable percentage between pre-consumer and post-consumer (this last up to 50%) acid-free, biodegradable and compostable produced in Italy.

Tell us about your formulations, what are their main characteristics in terms of sustainability?

The formulas contain an average of 94% ingredients of natural origin and are studied with active ingredients and ingredients with high technological content and low environmental impact, innovative formulations, effective and close to the skin enriched with Biowaters (Cosmos Organic certified): the best plants from organic farming are treated by a delicate water-based extraction in order to obtain rich and fragrant aqueous preparations used in our cosmetic formulations.

Biowaters they are water-based elements, no chemical solvents are used in any production phase, which makes these products extremely safe and with low environmental impact. Specific active ingredients to protect the skin from pollution such as LENIPHENOL (certified Cosmos standard): a mixture of three polyphenols from the bark of recycled raw wood to fight against deforestation while respecting the rights of local communities.

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