Male cosmetics anti-wrinkle creams for men

Male cosmetics anti-wrinkle creams for men

More and more men are devoting time and money to the care of their beauty. Just take a trip to the supermarket to understand how the cosmetics for men isn’t just razor blades and deodorants. Brilliantine, colognes, all the cheap soaps and shaving foams have been replaced by anti-wrinkle creams for men and specific products for the face of men, also sold at high prices.

The cosmetics for men it is the market’s response to a society where the distinction between genders is no longer so clear-cut. While women’s fights for human and professional equality continue, men copy the desire to show off to feel good. The market for creams and specific products for men represents a quarter of the total and with approximately 10 billion spent, it has become an industry priority.

Male cosmetics and society

The cosmetics for men it is a trend conveyed by the changes taking place in society. If until a few decades ago hearing about creams for men would have been interpreted as a sign of the collapse of the male gender, today there are fewer and fewer lovers of the alpha male, while muscular and sweaty. Most men know the importance of image for a new, more complex male model that interprets strength, beauty and sensitivity.

Once upon a time only rock stars or famous actors wore makeup, until aesthetics replaced identity. Just because everyone is always showing up on social media, the man with smooth, well-groomed skin, even makeup, is viewed with less suspicion. In Asian countries like South Korea, men’s makeup has also made inroads for fluid masculinity, but even American men in 2009 already spent $4.8 billion on cosmetics, doubling the $2.4 billion. recorded in 1997.

Over the past ten years, there has been a resurgence of the phenomenon with a 45% increase in men relying on cosmetic procedures. If many men go to the beautician for keratin treatments or facial cleansing, more and more are also those who resort to cosmetic surgery. In general, for those who don’t feel the need to walk on their hands, natural makeup that covers imperfections and enhances beauty is a simple style choice dictated by the desire to look younger.

To convince the last recalcitrant men to cosmetics for men It was enough to virilize the makeup traditionally used by women. It is no coincidence that the lotions call themselves Fighter Bull and Cowboy, while ads promise all men Hollywood actor looks with a nice pair of false eyelashes. Encouraged by Russell Brand, Brandon Flowers and Johnny Depp, the result is that more and more Americans are asking for eyelash extensions.

Creams for men

If the cosmetics for men has conquered the market, for producers the challenge is to offer ad hoc products and creams for male skin that is naturally different from female skin. It’s the hormones that make the difference, making the skin tougher and more resilient over time, perhaps with fewer wrinkles but oilier and with an evolved hair system that requires periodic shaving.

Male skin goes clean and hydrated after shaving with the application of suitable creams, because for the body trimming the beard is a real attack on the epidermis to be soothed with specific products. The ideal is to favor simple and natural products, without too many chemical components, artificial perfumes or dyes which only alter the natural balance of the skin leading to dehydration.

For the cosmetics for men choose men’s creams without petroleum-derived mineral fats (Mineral Oil, Paraffinum Liquidum, Petrolatum, Vaseline), with the mention of PEG (Polyethilene Glycol), Glycerin (Glycerin), Triclosan. In organic supermarkets that sell natural products, but also in traditional supermarkets themselves, it is easy to find the best products. To clean the skin it would be enough to use a pure Marseille soap, without additives of any kind.

Men’s cosmetics

Men choose the products of cosmetics for men differently from women and generally prefer face creams not too greasy or fragrant and that they dry quickly. Others use concealer and makeup products for women with no problem. Specific products to cover imperfections and pamper the face, beard and hair of men can be purchased in perfumeries and department stores even at low prices.

In general, it is better to prefer light creams which improve tone and elasticity without greasing the skin, easy to spread, with delicate fragrances. In the morning and in the evening, when waking up and especially before going to sleep, the use of a specific moisturizer must become a habit in addition to facial cleansing. The market for men’s cosmetics is very large and relying on the best known brands is a guarantee of quality.

Nivea offers a wide range of cosmetic product specific for men, while those looking for excellence can count on brands such as Kiehl’s or Clinique. Famous women’s cosmetics brands such as Shiseido and Collistar have created men’s lines of anti-wrinkle moisturizers, replenishing fluids and beauty masks. Haute couture also made its debut in men’s cosmetics with Chanel, which launched a line comprising foundation, lip moisturizer and eyebrow pencil.

Male beauty tutorial online

For a cosmetics for men which includes color moisturizers, concealers and mascara, you can use the same products for women, choosing those that make the skin look dull. The final effect must be natural unless you want to highlight the look or the complexion. Easier to find on the market, men’s exfoliating scrubs, moisturizers, shampoos, body washes, and beard and eyebrow fillers. Perfumes are a sector in constant effervescence, like women, always on the lookout for new fragrances.

For those looking for advice there is the boom of tutorials on Youtube. Male beauty bloggers are increasingly popular with millions of followers. New York hairdresser James Charles, for example, has more than 8 million followers and is a real star of the genre.

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