Marilyn blonde hair, the trendy shade of summer 2022 for those who love platinum

Spring-Summer 2022 beauty trends

Marilyn blonde is the trending hair color for summer 2022. Here’s how to get a cool, bright color like Kim Kardashian’s without damaging your hair.

Kim Kardashian's blonde Marilyn - photo by @makeupbyariel

Kim Kardashian’s blonde Marilyn – photo by @makeupbyariel

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Spring-Summer 2022 beauty trends

If you think Marilyn Monroe is a diva of the past, you’d be wrong, because she’s still setting the trend today. In fact, the trend of summer 2022 is inspired by her hair and therefore the most fashionable color is precisely the blonde Marilyn, which we recently saw Kim Kardashian wearing at the Met Gala. A blond iconic, lunar and luminous which returns cyclically in vogue, also worn by other stars such as Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lawrence. The blond Marilyn can be achieved on all hair, even the darkest, where it will however be necessary discoloration which could damage the hair and must therefore be carried out by a professional.

Marilyn blonde is the trendy platinum shade for summer 2022

the Marilyn Monroe platinum blonde it has always been one of the most copied and requested hair colors in beauty salons: cold and luminous, it particularly gives light and rosy complexions. Over the years it has been revisited to become almost white and silver with Nordic blond, very light and even more lunar.

the the blonde Marilyn in vogue for summer 2022 instead, it’s inspired by the cold, sultry Hollywood diva’s hair color. If the last to have worn it was Kim Kardashian, other stars before her have shown the platinum blonde inspired by Marilyn Monroe, sometimes varying it according to the type of skin tone: especially Lady Gaga, also followed by Jennifer Lawrence, Pink and Poppy Delevingne.

Short hair with wild tufts, trendy men’s haircuts for spring summer 2022

Lady Gaga's blonde hair

Lady Gaga’s blonde hair

The most suitable haircuts to combine with blonde Marilyn

The blond Marilyn can be adapted to any haircut: those with long and mid-length hair will have a platinum blond look sensual and magnetic like a femme fatale, which will highlight the face, particularly illuminating light eyes. On short hair, on the other hand, you will obtain a trendy and casual effect: remember the look worn by Scarlett Johansson with her famous pixie cut? Whether combed back with a wet look or with an elegant and refined front tuft, the blonde Marilyn is also perfect on the very short hair.

Scarlett Johansson blonde

Scarlett Johansson blonde

How to get platinum blonde

Obtaining the perfect platinum blonde without damaging the hair is particularly difficult and undoubtedly the result of a long road. Kim Kardashian defied fate by leaning on the skilled hands of Chris Appleton and lightening her raven hair in a single day, apparently spending 14 hours bleaching her hair. The truth is that going from a dark hair color to a light blonde requires several bleaching sessions and intermediate stages: during this period the hair will begin to lighten without being damaged: a precipitous discoloration in fact, he could in all probability damage the hair wear and break it, thus risking having to resort to a drastic cut later.

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