Masterchef, canceled from the schedule? The manager has a famous first and last name

For years, “Masterchef Italia” has been a regular fixture on the Sky program, followed by many people. The program has also proven to be a springboard for several aspiring chefs who have gone on to find work in the industry. Surprisingly, however, the format could be phased out of pay-TV programming.

Cooking shows have now become a constant in the programming of the various networks, whether generalist channels or pay television, and which follow not only people who like to cook delicious dishes in their free time, but also people who want to see how far the competitors’ willingness to experiment goes. And that’s why they are not included in the schedules only at times when we sit at the table, but also in the early evening, when you want to relax in front of the small screen.

Masterchef (source web) 18.05.2022 (1)
Masterchef (web source)

Surprisingly, however, ‘Masterchef’, for years a highlight of Sky’s offering, may no longer be on the air. If the rumor were to be confirmed, it would certainly be a blow to the many viewers who love him. The decision of the broadcaster would be linked to a character that the public knows well.

“Masterchef” removed from the Sky program? The news that shocks viewers

At least for now, Sky hasn’t given any information about it, but the idea that “Masterchef” can no longer be present in future programming seems surprising. In reality, it must be said, it would not be the version that served as a springboard for budding chefs now established in the sector, but the “Celebrity” version, which brought together several personalities. This is the case, for example, of Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Anna Tatangelo and Orietta Berti, who revealed unexpected culinary talents.

But what would have prompted the Santa Giulia broadcaster to make this decision despite the fact that the format has fascinated so many subscribers? Well, this choice would have a first and last name and it would be another prominent face of pay television: Alessando Borghese.

Alessandro Borghese (web source) 18.05.2022 (1)
Alessandro Borghese (web source)

The son of Barbara Bouchet is indeed at the helm of several programs of this type which are broadcast on Sky Uno, one of which has characteristics quite close to “Celebrity Masterchef”. The reference is precisely to his latest creation, “Celebrity Chef” which, obviously, also has a not too different title.

In this new program, Borghese welcomes in each episode a series of VIPs who must test themselves by cooking a series of dishes, some even quite complex (even the regulations therefore do not differ much). To judge them, Angela Frenda, editor-in-chief of the “Corriere della Sera” and Enrico Bertolini, the only chef in the history of the Michelin Guide to have obtained four stars all at once. At least for now, user satisfaction is good, so the most sensible idea would therefore be to continue only with the “Nip” edition of “Masterchef”. This will continue to air regularly, you can rest assured.

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