Mediterraneo Shop, fashion that looks at the beauty of women around the island of Procida

Elena Occhio, born and raised in Naples, moved to Procida, the island of her childhood spent in this strip of land surrounded by the sea during the summer season, and here in 2008 she decided to open her business “Mediterraneo shop”. The clothing store is located in via Roma, the main street that welcomes tourists as soon as they arrive on the island from the port of Marina Grande and is now a point of reference for those who are not looking for clothes in clothes, but a garment capable of making the wearer feel beautiful and shiny. Fruit of a clear and precise identity, in fact, Elena wants to transmit to women the idea that there is no bad body, only a bad outfit. Thus, the ten-year experience in the world of fashion allows her to recommend the right garment to each client, based on the demands that are exposed to her and the physicality of each one.

Around Procida

Mediterraneo Shop offers the collections in an artistic way, combining the beauties of a spectacular island with the clothes available in the boutiques. In fact, all the photos are taken around the seaside village, between places overlooking the sea, private houses and hidden glimpses, to make known the wonders of Procida. The models of the shootings are the customers of the shop who, contacted by Elena, lend themselves as models for a day. A team of two fabulous photographers such as Alessia Vicidomini and Francesca Lauro and the talented makeup artist Claudia Scandurra, founder of Choye – Boutique Cosmetica, create spectacular photos that highlight the beauty of every woman. In addition, the collaborator Rachele Balzamo is incomparable, who with taste and patience helps the customers to feel beautiful and takes care of the social management of the shop. The top model of Mediterraneo Shop is Mimì Amalfitano, daughter of Elena and brilliant university student who, in her free time, devotes herself to the family business and fully embraces her mother’s project. A project that aims to enhance the beauty of a mysterious island, but at the same time fascinating and that over the years has required the reassessment of stubborn and determined people, just like Elena.

s/s mode 2022

In a year of post-pandemic revival, fashion brands have also embraced a livelier style to bring a breath of rebirth and emotional well-being. An explosion of colors, in fact, characterizes the summer collections, with strong shades such as fuchsia, purple and emerald green, combined with each other in decisive combinations, for a determined and strong woman who wants to dare daily. But not only, this variation of tones which concerns cheap fashion as well as high-end fashion, will also affect more “classic” clothes such as jackets and suits. In addition, starting this year, we will have the return of an essential: the blazer, both in an elegant and more casual touch. “Linen is also back in vogue” – explains Elena Occhio – “a fabric that in the past was in great demand, but lately has been rarely used by fashion. From this year even the youngest will use the comfort of this fabric, they can no longer live without it”.

Store brands

Mediterraneo Shop offers a wide selection of the best fashion brands: Vicolo, Imperial, Dixie, Haveone and Rinascimento, are just some of the lines available in the store. In view of the summer, the choice is not lacking between the spectacular costumes of Matineé, 4Giveness, Effeck F ** k and I Am Bikini. The use of the one-piece swimsuit is also returning, used by the youngest as a crop top for aperitifs by the sea. Elena also offers a line of leather shoes in store, produced by an artisan company in Naples: a product of high quality, Made in Italy and with a unique and unmistakable style: just like its customers.

Procida Italian Capital of Culture

Between pastel-colored houses and the blue of the sea, culture comes to life on the enchanted island in the Gulf of Naples

Inclusion, solidarity, beauty and culture are the key words that enclose the reason for choosing Procida Italian Capital of Culture 2022. Selected by a commission of seven experts chosen by the Ministry of Culture, “The island that does not isolate not “, – thus communicates the slogan of the event, – it began its year as Capital on April 9, 2022, launching 330 days filled with an eventful program divided into 5 parts. With the logic of the six “I”, the activity of Procida Capitale is declined in the verbs: include, teach, learn, inspire, invent and innovate and has sensitized 350 artists from 45 countries around the world to the participation of event. A real stage on the world that will give the island the opportunity to become known for its beauties and for the authentic air of humanity that one breathes in contact with the inhabitants of Procida. Between natural creeks overlooking the sea and colorful houses that welcome sailors, this small village with its own identity developed over the years, has indescribable wonders in store. Starting from Marina Grande, the island’s main port, and from the 12th-century Palazzo Montefusco, you can walk the narrow streets that intersect in the historic center, surrounded by artisan shops and religious buildings.

You can then visit Marina della Corricella, a beautiful village surrounded by fishermen’s houses with Arab architectural features and the unmissable “Regno di Nettuno”, the marine protected area of ​​Procida, where you can participate in unique activities such as: whale watching, scuba diving and excursions to know the most important colony of dolphins in the Mediterranean. The artistic and naturalistic heritage of Procida will welcome tourists from the port of Naples: in fact, from Molo Beverello it is possible every day to reach the island in just 40 minutes by hydrofoil and in one hour by ferry. For sea lovers, however, it is possible to visit and discover the island in the open sea, hiring a private boat that will take you to discover the most unknown parts of Procida.

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