Moda, Fendace and Exquisite Gucci the collaborations of 2022

The trend of collaborations between major fashion brands, which began in recent seasons, continues. 2022 offered us two exceptional ones: the one between Fendi and Versace and the Gucci Exquisite collection, in collaboration with Adidas

Collaborations between the most famous fashion brands are multiplying. It was in 2019 that Prada gave life to the exclusive collaboration with Adidas, repeated the following year with the Prada Superstar sneakers.

So last year it was the turn of Valentino and Levi’s, and The North Face x Gucci’s second drop after a successful debut at the end of 2020. This year brought us two great fashion collaborations. The first is the project Fendace: on the one hand Fendi by Versace And on the other hand Versace by Fendi. A creative swap where Donatella Versace and Kim Jones reinterpret for each other the codes that made them famous. The other fashion collaboration of 2022 is Adidas X Gucci, arriving June 7.

Fendace, the most surprising fashion collaboration of 2022

Donatella Versace and Kim Jones, in an exercise in style, brought life to two collections inspired by the cultural relevance of the two brands, as soon as they arrive in stores.

Streetwear and subcultural style guru Kim Jones has put his mark on Versace Fendace, where the V and the F stand for Virtuosity and Freedom respectively. The result? Unhooking Donatella Versace and Silvia Venturini Fendi from their respective family homes for the first time, to draw inspiration from each other’s vision.

Moda, Fendace and Exquisite Gucci the collaborations of 2022

Kim Jones reinvented the heritage, marking the path of merging the Fendi monogram with the Versace Greek Key logo. Black in its sexiest version, safety pins for bondage clothing, colorful baroque prints, 90s bandanas and baguette bags covered in crystals, reveal the usual know-how of the Fendi workshop and the capacity for transmutation of the designers of the two houses.

Moda, Fendace and Exquisite Gucci the collaborations of 2022
Versace by Fendi spring summer 2022

Adidas X Gucci, the most anticipated collab of summer 2022

The Exquisite Gucci collection, by Alessandro Michele, has in the coat with the “Gucci Metamorphosis” print, the new creative direction to refound the house. So, Gucci’s goal is to explore the world of urbanwear, uniting with those who have redefined their couture heritage towards a metropolitan approach. Alessandro Michele chooses vintage by proposing silhouettes, colors and graphics to recall the trends of the 70s and 80s.

Moda, Fendace and Exquisite Gucci the collaborations of 2022

There’s pistachio green in pinstripe suits, which comes in an acidic hue in classic tailored outfits with double-breasted blazers. Broad-shouldered suits meet timeless long coats with eco-fur trimmed lapels. Corduroy and dresses with a gathered and elasticated waist are also back. The sportsmanship of Adidas lies in the practicality of the clothes: bustiers superimposed on shirts as if to recall the Risqué models of the brand; casual accessories to give spirit to the elegance of Gucci; the mini-dresses and the provocative bathing cap as the crown of the total black bridal veil.

Adidas x Gucci co-lab arrives June 7

The bags are oversized: the multicolored Gucci horsebit print resembles a briefcase shoulder strap, and the Diana, embellished with studded inserts and metal eyelets, transforms into a travel bag dressed in neutral tones ranging from leather to black. The double visor caps, one at the front and one at the back, are adorned with all-over prints and brand logos.

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