Mosquito repellent diet, what foods keep annoying insects away and how to eat them

By following a special anti-mosquito diet, that is to say avoiding taking certain foods that make us more appetizing, it is possible to protect ourselves from their annoying bites.

mosquito repellent diet
Mosquito bite (hole from Tierney’s AdobeStock)


The arrival of summer does not only coincide with holidays, the sea and full sun. Unfortunately, every summer we are forced to live with one of the world’s most annoying animals or the mosquitoes.

Their bite, although not having serious consequences except in special cases, manages to cause this terrible itch capable of spoiling our hours of relaxation spent outdoors.

Most of the time, in an attempt to stem the problem, they resort to candles with undesirable essences or chemical remedies such as repellent sprays.

It is indeed possible to delete this unwanted guest thanks to a specification mosquito repellent diet which, by making us eat certain foods rather than others, makes our skin undesirable.

mosquito repellent diet

When it comes to mosquito repellent diet we are not talking about a particular diet but rather about taking care to eat, or eliminate, certain foods.


mosquito repellent diet
Mosquito (AdobeStock photo by alessandrozocc)

Certain foods, by modifying the smell of our skin, keep these annoying insects away.

Thanks to the nootkatone it contains, grapefruit proves to be one of the most powerful allies to deploy against mosquitoes. With unmistakable flavor and perhaps drunk as a fresh juice, it’s also a great way to quench your thirst.

Another natural repellent is garlic which, when consumed, manages to ward off the mosquitoes by changing the smell of our skin through perspiration. In this case, the only problem is that not only bugs and vampires, but everyone else could stay away.

Better to use foods like chilli, wheat germ, bran and brewer’s yeast. To ward off the mosquitoes it is the large amount of vitamin B they contain that can modify the odor emitted.

A tasty alternative could be to add, in moderation, black pepper to our recipes. Acylpipedrine, a substance it contains, can indeed make us unappetizing for mosquitoes.

The same goes for certain aromatic herbs such as lavender, mint and basil. Also readily available as essential oils, they can easily be added to unscented creams with great results.

Foods to avoid in the mosquito repellent diet

Spend a summer without the nightmare of mosquitoes unfortunately, it also means having to make some small renunciations, that is, avoiding certain foods and drinks.

First of all, we must say goodbye to beers and alcohol in general. We don’t yet know why, but apparently mosquitoes tend to bite us more after having a healthy drink with friends.

These little animals can be really annoying, so much so that in order not to have the problem of their bites it is also necessary to exclude them from theirs. diet sweets and ice cream. A very big precedent especially during the holidays but the results are guaranteed.

Our unwanted guests are apparently attracted to particular smells and substances emitted by our bodies, including lactic acid, which is why in a mosquito repellent diet it is better to avoid foods which, containing potassium, cause it to be produced.

Therefore, potatoes, avocados, bananas, spinach, grapes and plums as well as those tasty salty snacks that often accompany our appetizers on the beach are prohibited.

mosquito repellent diet
Mosquito (AdobeStock photo by nipol)

For the same reason it would be better to limit the consumption of dairy products and dairy products in general which make us an attractive prey for the hated. mosquitoes.

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