Nation, the Italian calls it beauty, your first scudetto? It’s called Europe

Vincenzo Italiano

The Italian calls him a beauty, whether tall or medium he will be seen in 180 minutes, even if the clap-clap of applause for him and the players is put on hold: no matter what, this season will be a hit. The Italian, however, has the face of someone who cultivates football and ambitions – the latter are very high – and feels he has climbed one of the elevators that football, from time to time, knows recognize as special. The Italian is therefore rightly ambitious. And for now focused on this championship final, because qualifying in Europe would be an exceptional result after the last melancholy seasons he had seen from afar from La Spezia, first in Serie B and then in the own championship of the Fiorentina. And it is precisely the total concentration on the remaining matches (Sampdoria away tomorrow, then Juve at the Franchi) limits the horizon of prospects.

Now all united, then too, but certain that a comparison in the group’s remodeling phase will have to be made with the company, because ambitions will have to be shared. Argument which for the moment is, even rightly, a taboo: you have to keep your concentration very high and then everyone in apnea to talk about “closing in style”. Anyone who knows the coach knows well, however, that during this year of work a professionalism has been demonstrated which has served to acquire credits.

And if during this season there have been heavy choices – including the sale of Vlahovic in January – it is logical that these considerations without balls are part of a constructive confrontation. But for the Italian for the moment there is no future that goes beyond the match against Juve in the championship final without contemporaneity criteria for the teams playing for Europe. “I would have preferred that we all play at the same time – said the Italian – but as it is not possible, it only remains to adapt.

And anyway, not being able to manage and make calculations, we are preparing aware that everything depends on us and wanting to finish in style”. The concept is exactly this: “Obviously by playing on Monday we will know what the others have done, but we still have to play thinking of ourselves. You can do all the tables and all the calculations in the world but then you always have to face the games to win them. So we are preparing as always, with one goal in mind: to make a last effort and win as many points as possible in these last two games. For that, we will have to make as few mistakes as possible, as we did in the last race”. A great respect for Sampdoria (“At home they are very formidable, whereas we had some problems away from the ranchi”) and a nod to the past: “We have to be more demanding with ourselves, during the season we lost too many points. I hope that with the victory over Roma something has changed, since we were immediately cynical and concrete”. He writes it The nation.


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