Nugnes and Stella McCartney: The Conversation on Fashion Sustainability

Intercepting the evolution of the territory towards contemporary perspectives for an increasingly discerning public is what makes Palazzo Pugliese a temple of fashion and culture, a place of visions and an experiential container, even for the great houses of international couture.

Friday, May 20 from 6:00 p.m., the Palazzo in Corso Vittorio Emanuele becomes the scene of a conference on the new frontiers of eco-sustainability in fashion. Once again Nugnes asserts itself as an ambassador of international brands for its inclusive and eclectic spirit, from a curatorial point of view, which is nourished by the sophisticated and cultivated inspirations of its land, Puglia.

To celebrate the summer 2022 collection and the qualities of mushrooms, Palazzo Pugliese will organize an exclusive event in collaboration with Stella McCartney during which Eva Geraldine Fontanelli, founder of gOOOders, will speak about the vision of the house and explore the qualities of these organisms and their unlimited potential. The Milanese eco-entrepreneur, former collaborator of the United Nations for sustainable development projects, interpreter and spokesperson for the Stella McCartney brand, with whom she shares sensitivity and values, will dialogue with the guests of a sustainable development that does not give up not to aesthetics and to research and study of new frontiers in the world of fashion. “The brands that will do it – affirms Fontanelli – will be those that know how to combine fashion with a philosophy of life, a mission”.

Stella McCartney’s Summer 2022 collection evokes sensual femininity through a visual tale that invites “Stella women” to redefine beauty through lightness and delicacy. The garments reflect the brand’s signature simplicity, drawing unexpected inspiration from exploring and digging deeper into sustainability. Stella was inspired by the transcendent and transformative qualities of mushrooms seen in Fantastic Fungi, the documentary that explores the limitless potential of these incredible organisms. It’s a psychedelic journey into nature based on the idea that mushrooms are a fundamental element of connection in the world. British mycologist and Entangled Life author Merlin Sheldrake helps tell the story that unites fungi with humanity, connecting our species’ past and instilling optimism about our planet’s future.

Mushrooms also represent hope for sustainable fashion innovation already explored with the new Frayme MyloTM bag, made from vegan mycelium made from mushroom roots and presented at the Summer 2022 show last October. Created in collaboration with Bolt Threads, it is the world’s first bag from a luxury brand made from this material and will be available in the coming months in a limited edition.

In Stella McCartney’s Summer 2022 collection, rippling fringing gives movement to pants, cardigans and dresses in hand-drawn mushroom prints on lightweight organza, with structured necklines. Biophilic cuts reconnect clothing to Mother Nature in form-fitting dresses and mesh tops, worn under tailored garments. The color palette of the collection, inspired by the organic base, is inspired by the colors found in nature and mixes brightness and naturalness.

As always, the collection does not involve the use of leather, feathers and furs and features recycled polyester and elastane, regenerated nylon, organic cotton and linen, forest-friendly viscose, responsible and traceable wool from regenerative farms, high quality handcrafted leather without solvents. , Alter Mat, jersey made with RefibraTM recycled apparel fibers, cupro, Recycrom dye, using recycled textile waste on organic cotton denim and more.

From 7:00 p.m., the Mushroom cocktail will liven up the Sala delle Danze and the terraces of the Palazzo Pugliese, furnished with visuals by Stella McCartney. While the rhythms of the evening will be marked by the music creator Miss Pia, guests will be delighted by the vegetarian food and drink proposals, curated by the Alegra hotel group, in which the Mediterranean and vegetal soul of Puglia will be put value. Infused waters, in full healthy style, a tribute to the organoleptic qualities of mushrooms, will accompany the special drink of the evening, the Margarita made with the recipe of Paul McCartney, Stella’s father.

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