On a diet for health, from the Festival of 5 colors advice for healthy eating

The May sun is driving Italians’ desire to go on a diet to prepare for the holidays or even just for the weekend at the beach. And – for once – what may seem like a futile seasonal trend dovetails perfectly with a much bigger goal: staying healthy. Especially after – due to the pandemic – almost 23 million Italians have gained weight: a large number of adults and children who are at risk of cardiovascular and metabolic disorders, tumors and diabetes. And it is precisely with the aim of promoting good eating habits that the first edition of the Festival of the 5 Colors begins, scheduled for May 18 to 22 in Tropea, Calabria, designed by the Pancrazio Association, formed by young students in medicine, pharmacy and biology to give life to initiatives in the field of health and well-being.

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On a diet for health, from the Festival of 5 colors advice for healthy eating

How much do Italians weigh

Italy is one of the European countries with the highest rate of childhood obesity. According to the latest report of “OKkio alla Salute” from the Ministry of Health, out of a sample of 50,000 third-grade children, 20% are overweight and 9% are obese. Indeed, one third of children in the 6-9 age group are obese or overweight, for a total of around 100,000, with a predominance of boys over girls.

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“The 5 Colors Festival was born from the need to take back attention to our way of life, starting with what we eat – he explains Giuseppe Morino, pediatrician and dietician at the Bambino Gesù Hospital in Rome and scientific coordinator of the event. Today, one in 10 adults is obese, and the pandemic has accentuated the problem in both adults and children, who have stayed indoors and spent more time on food, often making unhealthy choices. For this reason, today it is necessary to work on the correct lifestyles, starting from childhood. Eating well, playing sports and paying attention to your body is primary prevention.

well-being in color

Nino Frassica, Luca Ward, Simone Perrotta and Claudio Ranieri: these are just some of the characters who will animate the first edition of the festival: five days to involve adults and children and talk about good nutrition and the Mediterranean diet, health and of prevention.

“Red, green, white, orange and purple are the five colors of well-being – he explains Maria Teresa Carpino, vice-president of the Associazione Pancrazio and creator of the Festival. These are the nuances related to fruits and vegetables, very important elements for a healthy diet. Number five will be the main theme of the Festival: the idea was born thanks to “Dammi il 5”, a national food education project dedicated to children, which began four years ago. Since then, we have been touring schools to teach what it means to “eat well”, with the help of five superheroes who allow the little ones to become passionate about the subject”.

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Festival initiatives

During the five days there will be many activities with the children, from workshops for primary schools to the telling of their thematic stories. And then there will be meetings with doctors and nutritionists and fun with the big names in Italian show business, but always with the aim of emphasizing the importance of following correct lifestyles for the prevention of cancer and metabolic pathologies.

The personalities who have distinguished themselves the most in their sector, such as Piero Angela and Walter Willett, will be rewarded, strolling at sunset to discover the beauties of the city, attending dance and theater performances, sports tournaments and even more. It will be possible to follow the event from any part of Italy: the meetings will in fact be broadcast live on the festivaldei5colori.it website and narrated via the Facebook and Instagram social profiles.

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