Paestum inaugurates the first fair of the Mediterranean diet at the gates of Cilento

Paestum inaugurates the first fair of the Mediterranean diet at the gates of Cilento

from Luigi Martino

FOR Paestum presentation of the event DMed Exhibition of the Mediterranean Diet scheduled from May 26 to 29, 2022 at the exhibition center ofFormer tobacco factory in Cafasso di Capaccio Paestum. During the launch press conference, there will be: francesco Alfiérimayor of Capaccio Paestum; Etienne Pisanimayor of Pollica; Ciro Roman the CNR; Valerio CalabrianDirector of the Living Museum of the Mediterranean Diet; Will be RoversiPresident of the Future Food Institute and Secretary of the Center for Mediterranean Food Studies “Angelo Vassallo” ed Emilio Ferrara President of Edamus.

The event aims to disseminate the “Mediterranean Diet” heritage as a way of life and healthy and sustainable territorial development, by raising awareness among operators in the sector, by highlighting the many actors in the scientific, institutional and private world who have been working for years to its protection and enhancement encompassing all aspects, from the cultural dimension to the enhancement of sectors which, through virtuous agricultural practices and the protection of native biodiversity, concretely represent some of the fundamental pillars of the “Mediterranean diet” way of life .


Promoted by a network of public and private bodies, including the CNR – National Research Council, the Living Museum of the Mediterranean Diet and the Center for Mediterranean Diet Studies “Angelo Vassallo” Legambiente, Future Food Institute; Rural hack, Edamus; Achievements La Bottega and with the Municipality of Capaccio – Paestum and the Municipality of Pollica (management body of the UNESCO Emblematic Community of the Mediterranean Diet – “Cilento”); with the patronage of Mipaaf – Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, Campania Region, Order of Food Technologists of Campania and Lazio, the Exhibition benefits from a prestigious component of scientific and technical partners of which, at present, the Federico Il University – Department of Agriculture, the Archaeological Park of Paestum-Elea, the National Park of Cilento, Alburni and Vallo di Diano, the National Park of Vesuvius, the University Center on the BBCC of Ravello, Slow Food, Fondazione Ebris, Cibus-Fiere of Parma, and
the companies Sole 365, Convergenze, Campus Lab, InCibum, Terra Cilenti and others that are added during these hours.

Also involved in the event are the Consortium of Mozzarella DOP Campana, the Consortium of Gragnano Pasta, the Consortium of Tomato Piennolo and the Vita Salernum Vites of Vesuvius and Salerno wines, and finally the Consortium of Piana del Sele IGP Roquette and the Artichoke Consortium of Paestum.


The Mediterranean diet is not only a way of life recognized as intangible heritage of humanity
of Unesco, of which Cilento with Pollica is the emblematic Italian community, but an extraordinary tool to face the challenges of the future of the planet, which combines environmental sustainability, social inclusion and technological innovation.

A very rich and diversified heritage of recipes and gastronomic traditions from different countries, where food is also the first factor of conviviality and well-being: healthy agriculture, which places respect for the environment at the center, is also linked in memory of being together in the moments of sowing, tending, harvesting and transforming the products of the Earth. In the same way, customs, habits, behaviors from the preparation to the sharing of meals have been consolidated over time around the typical and gastronomic specialties of rural Mediterranean cuisine, which today have become elements of identity. and economic value for Made in Italy. A magic that has given life to timeless traditional recipes, reflecting the close link between the production of raw materials, sustainability and local culture.

The spaces of the Salone

The Salone della Dieta Mediterranea will try to represent all of this. In the spaces of the former Tobacco factory, an Exhibition Space, a Tasting and Showcooking Space and a Conference Space will come to life, with round tables and technical-scientific workshops. Admission will be free for all visitors, to whom, after the first day devoted to scientific and institutional conferences, from Friday afternoon onwards, guided activities and tastings will be offered, moments of meeting with companies, masterclasses and showcooking, with the possibility of buying their products locally. Food companies, but not only, will present to operators and consumers the latest news in the sector and the many excellences of agricultural and agri-food production from southern Italy that will find an exclusive showcase here.

As part of the exhibition space, taste trails and gastronomic shows are planned. To illustrate the specificities of the products will be qualified chefs who will prepare unique dishes with live cooking. Finally, demonstration spaces will be set up for the presentation of special projects and the arenas they will host
“Mediterranean conversations”, scientific sessions, training workshops and innovation performances
The technology will serve as an incubator for in-depth studies on Food (Agrofood), Culture (Unesco Heritage), Well-being (social, bio-medical and nutritional aspects).

The event represents one of the milestones of the EU Agrifood Week promoted by the Representation of the European Commission in Italy, to highlight the importance of the “Mediterranean Diet” way of life, a concrete example of a development model capable of interpreting a true concept of “One Health” where human health, the health of the planet and the community with friendliness become the true link.
On the occasion of the European Year of Youth, a “Sala Europa” comes to life in the heart of the Mediterranean, cradle of
philosophical thought and the first school of medicine in the West, surrounded by an environmental heritage unique in the world, that of the Cilento National Park; a real agora of the future where we will talk about agri-food, sustainability and longevity and which will host training moments for the school, where the real protagonists will be young people and teachers, farmers, chefs, communicators , scientists, producers and innovators of all ages.

In particular on May 26 and 27 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; will take place a Hackathon organized by Future
Food Institute
together with Center for the Study of the Mediterranean Diet that with the Green Community of MUR are active in the school regeneration plan, with the support of Coldiretti Campania which will involve the
students from hotel, tourism, sports and agricultural institutes where children will give life to new ideas to concretely interpret the Mediterranean diet and disseminate it to new generations as a healthy and sustainable way of life.

The awarding of the winning projects will take place in the presence of Ambassador Antonio Parenti, Head of Representation of the European Commission in Italy and of local institutions. Piccola perla is the interior garden that connects the different areas of the Salone which will also host the program of evening events, including traditional cooking challenges, musical performances, book presentations and theatrical performances for total immersion in the Mediterranean food world.

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