Fashion designs the Milan of the future

The skyline of the new Milan {mfimage} “Fashion with more than 12,000 companies and almost 90,000 employees is increasingly crucial for Milan. And, thanks to the relationship between the public and the brand, we want to build the city of tomorrow”. He explains it in an exclusive interview with CFP Alessia Capello, adviser to the … Read more

Luxury fashion technology and entertainment

We have the habit of talk about fashion compared to clothing but in reality it is a much more complex value system. Stylists and designers not only create aesthetic models destined to become high-priced luxury statuses, but must decipher and anticipate customers’ wishes for ideas and ways of feeling. All market sectors thrive on fashions … Read more

The Kidney Stone Diet: Foods and Drinks

They are the cause of extremely painful colic and it is not uncommon for them to rush to the emergency room in search of a more effective solution than ordinary over-the-counter painkillers. Many have suffered from it at least once in their life and, unfortunately, we risk facing relapses. Because, unfortunately, the kidney stones they … Read more

the Association of Tailors of Naples is born

Naples, cross and delight, delight and love. Naples, a marvelous land, a mistreated land, a (often) forgotten land. Land that always rises from its ashes: the strength of Naples returns to reveal itself through one of its noblest arts, asNeapolitan sartorial excellence. In which we are investing and for which we are (re)starting to team … Read more