Photographer Michele Bavassano takes us into his universe, through the beauty of nature

Photos granted by the photographer Michele Bavassano for the publication of the interview he gave to our newspaper.

Since he was a child, he has been passionate about photography and therefore decides to embark on his journey in this wonderful world, falling in love with nature and everything that surrounds it. Michele Bavassano is one of the most appreciated and followed photographers on social networks: for several years he has been contemplating nature through nature through his camera trying to share his emotions. Here is what he told us.

What do your photographs represent?

Since the first shots, I tried to represent nature in a different way than we used to see it. There has always been a search for the documentary side of wildlife photography. The goal has always been to document and rarely to interpret, to create. What I try to represent with my photos is the artistic side of nature, of animals. Try to capture an animal’s expressiveness, colors, beauty.

How would you define it?

I have always defined my photography as a continuous search for art in nature. A lens maybe not too difficult considering the incredible variety and beauty it offers us every day, but for me it has always been important to insert something that belongs to me in each photo, something that leaves an emotion not exclusively linked to the beauty of the animal but above all to what the animal communicates through its gaze.

From BBC to Discovery, they have discovered and appreciated your talent. Are you satisfied?

I started at 17/18 as an autodidact trying to photograph nature near my home. Being able to see my photographs in newspapers of this level is obviously rewarding and gives me a lot of energy, fueling my passion. I believe it is the result of hard work, these are important steps but it is not what determines the skill or professionalism of a nature photographer. To live in this world, you have to love nature and not exploit it for these purposes. I live every day of my life in the field and am happy to share my shots with anyone who wants to. Nature is in more trouble every day and becoming aware by observing the splendid planet that welcomes us is the only salvation to make as many people fall in love with the beauty that we all have under our noses.

What are your ambitions?

I have no particular ambitions, I would like to spend my whole life traveling and exploring as much nature as possible. I would like this period of my life to continue for a long time and for this it is important to work hard and not give up. However, if you allow me, I must say that a few years ago, I would have answered this same question differently. When I started touring, I couldn’t even aspire or dream of being where I am now. I am extremely happy with what I have built over the years and never thought I would. I’ll keep working, traveling in search of the perfect moment, then we’ll see where fate takes me.

Do you want to create a photographic exhibition?

I have already organized photographic exhibitions, at the moment I have nothing in sight, I would certainly like to exhibit in a thick reality. I think it’s important to take images from a mobile or computer screen. The emotions of an image are best conveyed through paper. After this long period of pandemic, I will certainly consider the opportunities that will present themselves to me to make exhibitions of my works. I have many unpublished photographs waiting to be viewed.

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