Puteoli Sacra, in the Rione Terra “From rubble, salvation and beauty”

On the occasion of the anniversary of the fire that destroyed the baroque cathedral of San Procolo martire on the night of May 16 to 17, 1964, Puteoli Sacra organizes night tours Tempio-Duomo and the Diocesan Museum clean Monday May 16 from 10 p.m. to midnight (by reservation only) and on Wednesday May 18 from 7 p.m. to midnight to celebrate International Museum Day.

The event titled “From Rubble, Salvation and Beauty”will not only allow you to admire the beauty of the Rione Terra from sunset to evening, but will give the opportunity to remember what has been and to raise awareness of what the project of cultural and social enhancement offers, the only social project in Europe which provides for the management of a tourist site by young people and women from the prison district.

Welcomed at the information point in via Duomo, the guide will accompany visitors through the streets that lead to the Temple-Duomo, illuminated for the occasion by the only “stars” embedded in its modern ceiling. After a brief introduction to the architectural transformations brought about by the sacred building, we will go down to the gallery to watch a video which, produced for the occasion, shows a collection of photos of the cathedral before and after the terrible fire.

After watching the video, guests will be led among the canvases of the 17th century picture gallery, also saved from the flames and which today, fortunately, can still tell the story of the artists who composed it and that of the characters they embody. saints, martyrs, apostles, men and women who have witnessed to hope in life and love, beyond chains, violence and death. Among these, the story among stories, the three canvases of Artemisia Gentileschi, one of which is exhibited at head height in our Diocesan Museum. Who better than Artemisia, woman and artist, raped and condemned to an ignoble trial, can tell us how art leads to human and social redemption and heals the indelible wounds of the heart?

Puteoli Sacra, in the Rione Terra “From rubble, salvation and beauty”

All this and more is Puteoli Sacra, a project that not only aims to enhancement of a site rich in history, art and archeologybut also of those who work there, young women and men who have had the courage to look beyond the rubble of life and begin to believe that a better present and future can be achieved by respecting yourself and others. The wounds caused by the fire that signaled such a severe gash in the belly of the cathedral are now crevices from which one can see an ancient but rediscovered beauty, a beauty to be protected and told.

Inaugurated on June 25, 2021 by the President of the Chamber of Deputies Roberto Fico, Puteoli Sacra also hosted the President of the Republic in September, Sergio Mattarella.

The project, coordinated by the CED Regina Pacis Foundation directed by Don Gennaro Pagano, is supported by the Con il Sud Foundation, the Giglio Foundation, the Eduardo De Filippo Foundation, the Association of Building Builders of Naples – ACEN, the Italian Province of the Missionaries of NS De La Salette, Ance Campania, Daughters of the Presentation of the Most Holy Mary in the Temple, Reeds Campania.

Reservation at the numbers 3515508654, 0812305099 or by e-mail: info@puteolisacra.it. Price: 10 euro.

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