Ravenous Devils: Meat is Murder

Horrors to taste

ravenous devils

and in contemporary society we have the Alessandro Borgheses on duty who complain that they cannot find employees for their restaurants, invictorian england from Ravenous Devils we have a cook who alone, in the kitchen, manages to invent new and delicious recipes by cooking human flesh.

Which of the two scenarios is the more virtuous we leave it to you to decide, we limit ourselves to saying that that of the video game imagined by the Italian developers from Games of bad vices it’s definitely the funniest.

In the very particular game available for a few weeks on practically all existing platforms, we play an elegant and very loving married couple, both with successful careers: she is a cook, he is a tailor. Now you know, when there’s love, there’s everything (“No, Chell is on health“, would say Massimo Troisi), and it is therefore not surprising that our lovebirds too often abandon themselves to pleasures of the flesh. Except that it is not wanted as you hear it.

Hildred And Percival they are in fact above all two killers. Or rather, technically the killer is him, who physically commits the crime, but it is she who ends up slaughter the bodies of the victims and serving them to patrons of her pub, she certainly cannot be called innocent.

So yes, you understood correctly: the seven to eight hours of play required to complete Ravenous Devils, you will spend them killing and cooking human beings. Funny, isn’t it?

ravenous devils

Well yes. Because net of a few small flaws, including the same short lifespan, a few more or less annoying bugs and nothing else, it’s a really nice little gem to play, for a price more than affordable.

Speaking of the sheer visual aspect, the atmosphere is that, dark, dark and austere of Victorian London, in fact, and the graphics don’t cry for a miracle but do their job well, given that the focus of the game is its gameplay and the player’s ability to light switch between tasks during the working day. The entire game takes place in a four-story building, with the main view somewhat reminiscent This war of minewith the house cut transversely, with the division into floors and the interiors clearly visible.

The two upper floors are under the responsibility of Percival, the tailor: at the top there is a small garden where to grow vegetables, which can be unlocked after a few hours of play. Just below we find the shop of the tailor himself , with the exhibition area and the private office, as well as the place where all the murders of the game take place.

On the ground floor is the pub, where our delicious dishes are served to customers. Finally, in the basement is the kitchen, where the magic happens.

As predicted above, the fairly fast pace of play is all about timing and short decks. It is indeed necessary to control the two characters, each one having different tasks to accomplish, which takes a certain time, and it is necessary to try to lose as little as possible and above all not to neglect any of the aspects of the Game.

For example, the tailor should kill the unfortunate client, to steal his clothes and give him a new shape with the sewing machine, to clean the blood of the victim and to throw the corpse in a trapdoor communicating with the kitchen, where the tasks of the cook will be to cut the throat of the corpse, to prepare and assemble the various dishesthen serve them at the pub upstairs.

It goes without saying that if you focus only ondress look, you will end up neglecting the kitchen, leaving your customers unsatisfied and your pockets empty. On the contrary, paying attention only to kitchenyou’ll soon run out of… raw materials, because without killing you won’t have any meat to cook, and so, again, you won’t earn any money.

Fortunately, the game is quite generous in the sense that there is no game over. If you miss a day, or can’t find the right person, that’s no big deal: just rearrange the cooking and sewing at the end of the day and try again.

ravenous devils

The first days pass rather calmly, also giving the impression of a certain basic repetitiveness. Fortunately, after a few days also the plot of the game (which we will not reveal to you, but which, as you imagine, foresees the presence of many murders) and with the first winnings you can also start unlocking objects and improvements for sewing and cooking.

The fastest sewing machine, the most efficient ovens, the possibility of unlocking a young waiter (whose story is also quite funny, but again we prefer to let you play without surprises), more tables for the pub , more recipes and how much On the other hand, on the one hand they make life easier for the player and on the other hand they involve more variety and more actions to be taken, so the short cover is back.

Cooking more elaborate recipes takes more time and resources, but will also bring more money, with which to buy new upgrades. And here in a short time you have bitten the bait Ravenous Devilsand you’ll find yourself slaughtering and cooking human beings with no remorse and wanting more and more.

Ah, the things that are done for love…

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