Remedies for dirty hair: what is it?

Dirty hair is a nightmare for many of us, but luckily there are plenty of them. remedies to have clean hair without having to wash it every day or resort to boring solutions such as ponytails or accessories such as headbands and bandanas. Let’s see what the dirty hair remedies and what are the tricks to keep your hair clean longer, without the need for shampoo and styling.

Don’t touch your hair too much

Among the worst enemies of hair cleaning are the our hands. Touching your hair too frequently, especially with dirty hands or after touching your face, promotes production and accumulation of sebum on the hairdirtying them faster.

Avoid frequent brushing

Another nemesis of clean hair is here Brush, as well as frequent brushing. It is important to have clean hair, but combing them too often can increase sebum production, especially if we also tend to fix them with our hands, or to move the sebum from the skin to the lengths. To avoid it, you can brush your hair less, but above all you have to be careful always keep brushes and combs cleanto prevent sebum from depositing on the brush and subsequently dirtying clean hair.

Choose a haircut that suits your hair type

It may seem trivial, but the best ally of the hair and its cleaning is a custom cut. Hair is not all the same, there is me thick and frizzy hairnormal and fine and brittle hair, and obviously a bad cut can mean a loss of volume or, on the contrary, an excessive volume. These can affect hair cleaningin particular because when you get the wrong haircut you tend to tie your hair more often, to touch it more frequently and to use more styling products, which inevitably soils the hair more quickly.

remedies for dirty hair

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Dry shampoo

the first remedy for dirty hairvery fast and easy to use, it is Dry shampoo. This type of shampoo binds to hair without the need for water and easily removes dirt, cleaning the hair with a simple stroke of the brush. It is a good remedy for dirty hair, especially when traveling or away from home. If we don’t have dry shampoo at home, the alternative is to use cornstarchto be applied on the roots and combed on the lengths to remove the greasy effect of the hair, or the bicarbonateof which about half a teaspoon is enough on the scalp to always have clean and styled hair.

Baby powder and lemon juice, hair’s allies

One of the fastest and most effective remedies for dirty hair if we don’t like dry shampoo is the talcum powder, which absorbs grease and leaves hair cleaner and shinier. Its use is very simple, just apply it to the skin, gently massage it into the hair with your hands or distribute it with a brush and then eliminate the excess with a blow of hair dryer. As an alternative to talc, if we have particularly greasy hair, we can use some drop of lemon juiceto be applied by massaging into the skin and the lengths to purify the hair and eliminate grease.

Coconut Oil Wet Look

If our hair is hopeless and none of the remedies we have described work, a quick fix is ​​to implement a wet effect hairstyle with coconut oil, which perfumes and nourishes the hair and at the same time acts as a styler. We apply coconut oil and we bring the hair back with a combFinally, to complete the wet look, you can either gather hair in a ponytail or let them loosemaybe decorating the hairstyle with some particular clasp.

How to perfume dirty hair?

One of the biggest problems with dirty hair is also the smell, especially that of smoke or cooking. Luckily, there are remedies for dirty hair that also help with hair odor, like this Dry shampoowhich in addition to cleaning smells the hair as if it had just been washed or coconut oil. There are also other products, such as i hair perfumesor natural remedies such as essential oilsespecially the most intense ones like mint and lemonbut also the Rosemarythe lavender or the tea treefresh and light fragrances that mask the smell of hair and they also purify the skin.

Prevent the greasy effect with the right products

In some cases, the hair gets dirty easily because the skin is particularly oily and even after a day of shampooing, the hair looks very dirty. To exist also solves this problemchoose me good products suitable for oily hair and also uses i natural remedies for oily hair which degrease the skin without attacking it and give the hair a healthier and more luminous appearance, without excess sebum.

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