Rosalinda Celentano, do you know why she wears her hair shaved? The reason is truly heartbreaking

Rosalinda Celentanothe rebellious daughter of “The most beautiful couple in the world” formed by Adriano Celentano and Claudia Mori lived through a turbulent and tormented past due to dramatic events. Not only did she experience her sexual orientation in a traumatic way, finding initial closure from her mother, but she then had to deal with other dark stages in her life. Not only during his experience as a competitor of Dancing with the starsin which she participated in 2020, but also some time ago speaking to the microphones of the show Belve, the daughter of art decided to get naked.

Talk with Francesca Fagnani, Rosalinda unhesitatingly faced several critical issues while recounting the drama that befell her in the past. After repeatedly speaking out about her battle with a bad disease, at 47 she underwent surgery to beat the breast cancer, bravely deciding not to reconstruct her breasts after breast removal. But in front of the cameras and over other interviews, Molleteggio’s daughter also faced other dramas that marked certain moments in her life.

Rosalinda Celentano, do you know why she wears her hair shaved?

In particular, Rosalinda Celentano spoke about the relationship with her body not only during her participation in the dance performance of Milly Carluccibut also during his reception in Beasts. After dealing with a tumor, Adriano Celentano and Mori’s daughter revealed she was beginning to have a tormented relationship with the body she obsessively fanned herself on. Rosalinda thus became the victim of a real pathology: in the past, she had problems with self harm. The actress unhesitatingly announced that she had gone through a period of severe depression that led to rage in her face, as confirmed by the scar on her forehead that she made while disfiguring herself with a scalpel.

Rosalinda Celentano's hair

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But Rosalinda at that time was trying to overcome the pain in her soul, feeling physical pain, for this she cut herself and often even had murderous thoughts, claiming that “Death was his true companion“. She then managed to overcome depression, alcoholism and self-harm by adopting a different view of the body, which she began to see as the mirror of her soul.

So he worked out the final details with his body instead of relationship had with her hair? For some time now, Rosalinda Celentano has been wearing her hair shaved off to free herself from constant worry, so she revealed she’s made a drastic decision. Mollevato’s daughter hasn’t had long hair since “Have fewer thoughts in your head”: To clear her mind of thoughts and worries, she decided to stay away from the nagging problems and the heaviness of her hair. Figuratively, to get rid of negativity and worries, he decided to shave his head. Today, Rosalinda has regained her balance, as she confessed in the last interviews where she revealed that she came back to live because she is well.

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