Rugby Tradate against Franciacorta to finish in style. Rum Valcuvia: two games to win the group

Serie C reaches its final stage. For many teams in the category, in fact, the next one will be the last weekend of league matches, while for others the journey is not yet over. L’Trade enthusiasts falls under the first case cited: the yellows and blues will play theirs last game of the season Saturday May 21 at 7:00 p.m.. The tradatesi will seek their third consecutive victory in Group 2 on the hostile ground of Franciacorta Rugby, where it will not be easy to succeed or even impossible. Franciacorta knows how to be dangerous, but Tradate is finally going through a good period and wants to continue growing, but above all he wants end the season with a win which would be a tremendous boost for next year.

The situation of Rum from Valcuviawhat they miss instead two meetings: the first one will play that Sunday May 22 at 3:30 p.m.when the “Huns” will play on the field of the leaders Rugby Mantuaa, while the following week they will play the recovery at home against San Donato. Rums (third in the ranking) are found in full race to win Group 1, Rossi and his teammates are only four points behind Mantua: a victory with a bonus point would allow the Rums to climb to first place, always as long as Mantua does not leave the field with one or more defensive bonuses won and Desenzano (second in the standings) lose against Crema. It is unlikely that Group 1 will be decided in this round, but a victory for Rum in the direct clash against Mantua would allow the Varese team to take a good advantage for the last day of the championship.

The technician Tradate Giancarlo De Vita expresses his confidence and the desire of his boys to end the season in style: “At the Ospitaletto I expect to see the counter proof of maturity expressed by my players in recent games, especially in terms of play. We have just had some important victories, seek and find with a good result in favor. What we want is to win the third consecutive victory with the demonstration of the work done. We will take the opportunity to spend a weekend as a team, we will leave on Saturday and return on Sunday, we will be hosted by our friends from Franciacorta and we will form a group. What I told the guys is that it’s not the last game of this season, but the first of the next one, so we can start the necessary work for the next one now. We have matured, we have struggled, and now we must continue this growth“.

The statements of coach Gino Gramaglia, Valcuvia Rum coach: “It won’t be an easy game against Mantua. If I’m in charge there will be a reason, we have to go out there and play our game, trying to be organized and play as a team like we did in the previous round against Casalmaggiore. We have the means and the potential to beat anyone, so much depends on us, we must remain lucid and focused to win in Mantua, otherwise we risk being overwhelmed.“.


Rugby Mantua – Rugby Valcuvia (22/05 at 3.30 p.m.)
Rugby Franciacorta – Tradate Amateurs (05/21 at 7:00 p.m.)

Stefano Sessarego

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