Russian soldiers’ diet laid bare as Ukrainian cats filmed refusing to eat ration

Russian soldiers have been found living with an awful regime many times during the invasion of Ukraine.

From videos showing how they are content to eat potatoes, onions and a few spices, to reports that they have to steal food from abandoned grocery stores in war-torn areas, it is clear that the army of Vladimir Putin is not really well fed on the front line.

And now a new video has surfaced on Ukrainian Telegram channels of local cats looking disgusted with Russian rations.

The video shows a Ukrainian soldier finding a Russian ration, which is apparently only filled with “goulash and potatoes”.

She then attempts to feed it to a nearby black and white cat, who apparently wants nothing to do with the disgusting golden box filled with the classic stew of meat and gray potatoes.

The dark looking package was not well received by a local Ukrainian moggy

The dark looking package was not well received by a local Ukrainian moggy

According to a translation, the soldier says: “Even Ukrainian cats refuse to eat shit like that.”

The contents of the box look worse than most brands of cat food and the cat was clearly unimpressed.

A Reddit user wrote: “My grandma checked if the food was good quality by giving it to her cat.

“If the cat ate it, then it was good, if not it didn’t, then yes. Russian cuisine is crap.

And another added: “Cats are smarter than Russians, that’s positive proof.

The cat sniffled and quickly walked away

The cat sniffled and quickly walked away

“The Russian dry ration probably dates from the early 1990s. The original color of the rations was probably white.

At the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the diet of the Russian army came to light, after soldiers defending the beleaguered country captured a battlefield kitchen.

The video taken by the Ukrainian soldiers was posted on Reddit overnight and showed a massive KamAZ armored vehicle with a professional kitchen on board.

But it was the contents of the cupboards – and the floor – that shocked Internet users.

Even animals don't want to eat Russian army rations

Even the animals don’t seem to want to eat Russian army rations

The footage shows a tour of the vehicle, captured in Ukraine, which is believed to have been abandoned during fighting in recent weeks.

The storage unit part of the truck shows sacks upon sacks of potatoes and onions, while the kitchen itself – apparently looted by locals – displays several sacks of potatoes and onions.

The soldier, speaking in Ukrainian during the tour, also finds more and more bags of the same two vegetables on the ground, piled up.

Then he opens drawers to find dishes and another food item: pickle jars.

The large jars are actually broken, so the pickles cannot be reused.

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