Ryan Edwards star, Teen Mom wife Mackenzie looks completely different with short blonde hair in video now playing

A clip from Teen Mom RESURFACED amazes fans with how different Mackenzie Edwards looks than she does now.

Mackenzie, 25, shares two children with husband Ryan Edwards, 34, who shares son Bentley with Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout.

Mackenzie poses outside the Old Gilman Grill


The clip, posted to a Teen Mom Reddit wall, shows Ryan’s father, Larry, threatening to reveal a dark secret about Maci.

At the beginning of the song, Ryan asked, “I don’t know why it’s like that? She looks very jealous and unhappy.”

Larry replied, “Because I think she’s still in love with you.”

Mackenzie, sporting a long-gone blonde bob, chuckled next to her hubby.

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She interjected:[Maci] she told the camera that she cried to Taylor every night in bed for Ryan. “

Mackenzie also added, in reference to Maci, “I don’t trust a hair of that red head.”

The clip ended with a hot Larry looking from camera to camera as he said, “I’m going to tell you one divine thing, d**n, though. One day you will all know the d**n truth”.

While many fans debated what “truth” Larry might be hiding from the show’s producers and fans in general in the comment thread, others were more intrigued by Mackenzie’s appearance.

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Some commented on how different he looked in the clip compared to now, while others simply snapped the Tennessee native’s overall appearance.

One Redditor wrote: “I’m sorry but Mack’s face every time I see him…it’s so weird.”

Another added: “Mack looks like one of the [Ryan’s] aunts, not his damned wife lmao.”

A third joked about Mackenzie shooting Maci.

The comment read: “‘I don’t trust a hair of that red head,’ she muttered to herself in the mirror, preparing for the day of her use.”


This isn’t the first time Mackenzie’s drastic change in appearance has been announced.

In a Reddit thread for Teen Mom fans, a user re-shared the clip from Ryan and Mackenzie’s wedding in season six.

The Redditor pointed out the unusual kiss Ryan gave his mother before the ceremony, as he kissed her on the lips.

However, fans in the comments section were also keen to discuss how Mackenzie looked at the time.

The Tennessee native certainly looks a whole lot different these days, sporting a slim build and brunette hair.

She also had lip fillers and botox but denied going under the knife for plastic surgery.

A Redditor commented, “I think Mackenzie looked so good here. I wish she hadn’t gone crazy with her look.”

A second added, “Mack looks so different now.”

A third asked: ‘Can we talk about how he has a completely different face here?


Mackenzie was also accused of trying to “copy” another Teen Mom star’s appearance.

In March this year, Teen Mom OG took to Instagram to share her light blonde to dark brown hair transformation.

Throughout the clip, the former MTV star played with her dark, wavy hair while smiling for the camera.

Fans took to Reddit to find that Ryan Edwards’ wife looks a lot like 30-year-old Chelsea Houska after the transformation.

“Are you trying to be Chelsea?” we wrote at the time.

On a Reddit bulletin board titled “Both are Probably Flammable,” side-by-side photos of the new look against a similarly colored broom saw more low blows.

“Wait…that was…on purpose?!” one user asked while another Redditor noted, “Definitely. Super weird trending ~influencer~”.

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“I hate the look of her extremities,” one commenter quipped.

Another person said her hair color made her ‘look like she’s 45’, while someone else added: ‘It’s disconcerting that she’s still in her twenties. life with Ryan is aging her badly”.

Mackenzie Edwards with husband and Teen Mom star Ryan Edwards


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Mackenzie after makeover and weight loss


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