Savage Beauty: on Netflix the war against bad makeup

Sfarzo, beauty, lights and glamor. These are the characteristics of Wild beauty (on Netflix starting today), the African series in the world of fashion and beauty in Johannesburg. That is to say, between fashion shows, models, dream clothes and jewelry: the famous fashion recipe.

Which, however, hides something rotten. A dark side. That of the rich family Bhengu, founder of a cosmetics company set out to conquer Africa and the Western world. What, in fact, hides behind faces smoothed by makeup and provocative lipsticks? Let us find out there young Zinhlenew entry into the tycoon family.

Wild beauty: the first episodes

A black woman wipes her hands from the some blood: Wild beauty begins thus – on the notes of where did you sleep last night of Nirvana. We will discover that it is the young woman Zinhle (Rosemary Zimu), the new face of the company Beauty Bhengoa beauty empire led by the mogul Don Bhengu and his family, consisting of three sons Phila, Linda and Ndu and of two women: the matriarch Grace And Thank you.

Savage Beauty: on Netflix the war against bad makeup

Savage Beauty: on Netflix the war against bad makeup

It is precisely during the presentation event of the new face of Bhengu voted by the web that it happens an unexpected event: during Zinhle marches and receives the applause of the guests, an image with his face bleached appears on the surrounding LEDs. The media and social networks are going crazy. The company is overwhelmed with criticism. This is the beginning of a series of events that aim to strike the business and family of African tycoons. Who is behind?

netflix review wild beauty tv series

The Bengu family. (Netflix)

Wild beauty between beauty, eye shadow and blood

The series unfolds almost as if it were a film of Yorgos Lanthimoswithout the frenzied rhythms of yellow made in usa. Slowly it turns out that behind it bleached photo there is the hand of Zinhlé and his brother. What behind a new idea of ​​beauty promoted by Bhengu is the distribution of a product toxic which was tested on a group of children of street, including Zinhle, brother and younger sister (unfortunately did not survive the treatments). From this moment, Zinhle begins to plan his revenge.

netflix review wild beauty tv series

The Bhengu family with Zinhle, Rosemary Zimu in the center. (Netflix)

Zinhle’s Revenge

Zinhle has a diabolical plan in mind to break the Bhengu empire. After the picture bleached the boss has a heart attack and the young model, armed with rage, is ready to smother the ogre who killed her sister in the past. An unexpected event will cause her to give up.

Given his precarious health, the patron decides to elect a successor among his children, and Linda has what it takes to become the new CEO and also know the dark side of Bhengu (none of the children know this). Meanwhile, on social media, the news that Linda doesn’t love anyone but Thando is going crazy., the father’s second wife. Another scandal affects the family, and the internal tensions become more and more tense.

netflix review wild beauty tv series

Zhinle and her brother. (Netflix)

There is also room for love in Wild beauty

The series is purely focused on business, family disputes and the project of revenge from Zinhle (who also predicted not being able to complete it, because of this get a gun). Between the folds of the plot come there is also space for loveand that’s what you don’t expect: when Zinhle and Ndu kiss, it seems to trigger a short circuit.

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Don Bengu. (Netflix)

Perhaps the youngest in the family is the only one morally trustworthy for Zinhlé? Or behind their relationship is there a very specific plan devised by the protagonist? For sure At some point, Zinhle will find itself at a crossroads.


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