Short hair with wild tufts, trendy men’s haircuts for spring summer 2022

Spring-Summer 2022 beauty trends

From vintage looks inspired by the 80s and 90s to rebellious curls: the trendy haircuts for men’s hair for spring summer 2022 are natural and wild. Here are the looks you can take inspiration from.

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Spring-Summer 2022 beauty trends

Between hair trends for men more fashionable for spring summer 2022 vintage looks are back in vogue, inspired by the 70s, 80s and 90s. The common thread that unites the different hair trends, from the shortest and ombré to the longest, is undoubtedly the natural: this year the hair will be tousled and rebellious, with wavy and wild looks. Between celebrity looks take inspiration from the flowing hair of Bradley Cooper or the very short ones of Mahmood and Aron Piper. Discover all the trendy haircuts for spring summer 2022 from the shortest to the longest, including medium lengths and photos to inspire you for your next hairstyle.

The mullet cut for men

Among the vintage looks, one of the most popular is the mule: become a brief look unisex and characterized by different lengths. In fact, above the head it is shorter, while the greatest length is concentrated at the back of the nape which touches the neck. For the male version the side hair is shaded, thus leaving a prominent tuft with a wild mood that is often combed back. This is the ideal cut for curly and straight hair.

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Bullfrog's Mule Man

Bullfrog’s Mule Man

The very short buzz cut

the trendy cut it is one of the most practical and appreciated cuts of recent times, but it requires almost continuous maintenance to keep the XS length. The buzz cut is in fact this very short and almost shaved cut extremely comfortable for the summer season, which can also be worn with a few centimeters longer in length, just like Aron Piper does. A cut that is particularly suitable for people with an oval face and a regular skull.

Aron Piper buzz cut

Aron Piper buzz cut

Bro flow, long unkempt hair

90s hair is back, long and messy: the first celebrities that come to mind when we talk about looks brother stream it’s definitely Bradley Cooper, although over the years many have chosen this hairstyle, from Brad Pitt to Keanu Reeves. With this look, the hair has a medium length, often reaching the line of the chin. The style is slightly thick moved with a natural effect. Perfect for those with voluminous hair and to combine with a side tuft and a rebellious beard.

The bro flow cut - @rtgtmiami

The bro flow cut – @rtgtmiami

The look with natural curly hair

Spring summer 2022 also sees protagonists buckles, as long as they are natural and not too defined. The male style with curly hair is perfect for both wearers short hair only to those who prefer a longer hairstyle and wild. To bring your curls to life, use a mousse or mousse to rub into the hair before drying, which can also be natural in the open air.

Curly hair proposed by Jean Louis David

Curly hair proposed by Jean Louis David

The 70s shag cut

Similar to the mullet, the crested cormorant is characterized by different overlaps and lengths and it’s definitely escalated. Often paired with casual bangs even for masculine looks, often asymmetrical and not too regular. It can be worn smooth, curly or wavy.

Men's cuts: Tony's shag & amp;  Dude

Men’s haircuts: Tony & Guy’s shag

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