Sports diet, essential vitamins: what foods contain them

By athlete’s diet we mean the diet to be maintained to give the best during sport. In this context there are some essential vitamins: let’s find out together in which foods they are contained.

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Do sport without following aPower source adequate is like drinking from an empty glass. These are two factors that are closely linked and indispensable to each other. In this area, key roles are played vitamins: we are talking about molecules necessary for the growth, well-being and efficiency of the internal organism. They are mainly introjected into our body through the nutrition (with the exception of vitamin D which is produced by exposure to the sun). They can also play a lot functions: some protect the heart, others the respiratory tract, some eyes, hair and teeth, still others strengthen the immune system. Today, however, let’s find out what they are essential vitamins for sports nutrition analyze which foods contain it.

Vitamins essential to the diet of athletes: what foods contain them?

sports food vitamins
Vitamin-Rich Fruits and Vegetables (idornbrach from Pixabay)

We obviously start from the first, the vitamin A. It is essential for the well-being of bones and teeth, raises the defenses of the immune system, fights free radicals (avoiding serious pathologies for the body such as tumors or arthritis) and finally protects the skin from exposure. under the sun. What foods contain it? Almost all the vegetables and the vegetables and of fruits yellow, orange or dark green: go ahead with itarot, squash, broccoli, spinach, apricot and melon.

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The list continues with the Vitamin VS: it strengthens blood vessels, is an important antioxidant, improves the functioning of the immune system, promotes the healing of wounds and bone fractures and helps to cure seasonal ailments. For these reasons, it is therefore essential for those who carry out sport. Where can we find it? Mainly in peppers, citrus fruits, Kiwi And tomatoes.

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We close the list with the Vitamin D. The latter promotes the process of mineralization of the bones, raises the defenses of the immune system and also regulates the intestine by preventing the excretion of calcium in the urine. As said before, it is the only vitamin that we already produce in our body through theSun exposure. However, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be implemented through proper nutrition. In fact, to increase the levels of this substance, we will have to eat fish, Egg and the dreaded Cod liver oil.

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