Spring summer 2022 fashion shows: from Milan to Paris

Clothing signed by the most famous or scenographic designers dressed in past eras, jewelry inspired by travel and precious and unique stones. They are the subjects of The most anticipated fashion exhibitions of this spring 2022: from London to Milan, via Rome and Paris, enthusiasts are spoiled for choice.

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Spring summer 2022 fashion shows: from Milan to Paris

The installation to celebrate 90 years of Valentino


In Paris, capital of couture, there is the exhibition love brings love: tribute to Albert Elbaz, designer who marked French fashion and in our hearts with his elegant but joyful style and the attention to detail of a true couturier. At the Palais Galliera until July 10, it is possible to see all the looks that were presented during the October 5, 2021 fashion show dedicated to the Lebanese designer.

Still at La Galliera, until June 26, there is “A history of fashion. Collecting and exhibiting at the Palais Galliera”, which retraces the history of the museum and its collections.


London welcomes menswear to Victoria & Albert Museum with the exhibition “Shaping Masculinities: The Art of Men’s Fashion”an overview of the evolution of men’s clothing to date.

Also at the V&A, it will open shortly “African Fashion”, highly anticipated exhibition exploring the creative universe of South Africa.

Form an ocean to another

In the United States there are two exhibitions that are worth the cost of the ticket: the first is that animated by the Metropolitan which was inaugurated during the Met Gala “In America: a lexicon of fashion” while the Lacma in Los Angeles pays homage to Alexander McQueen.

The Italian tribute to Valentino

For the 90th birthday of a living legend like valentine, the Voghera Social Theater (in the photo), the designer’s hometown, created an installation with dresses from the 60s to the 2000s. On stage a selection of red dresses, the most powerful, recognizable and recognized sign, the color that took the name of its creator. 36 dresses from the archives respond to boxes, a collection of styles that each knew how to embody the spirit of their time. Next to the clothes: sketches, drawings, sketches, newspaper clippings, photographs and documents that restore to the visitor the spirit of the time when these clothes were first shown to the world and reconstruct, through minimal stories, how the world welcomed and perceived them.


Fashion lovers cannot miss two important photographic exhibitions Milano: Fernando Scianna at the Royal Palace and David Lachapelle at Mudec. In the ready-to-wear capital, you can also visit “Eighteenth century!”an exhibition at the Palazzo Morando dedicated to the fashion of the time and its influence on contemporary clothing.

Jewels on display

expos-mode-2022-exhibition Bulgari B.zero1 Story of an Icon (2)

The Bulgari exhibition dedicated to Bzero1

In this spring of 2022, the world of jewelry is also on display. The “Vision & Virtuosity” jewelry exhibition is highly anticipated Tiffany & co held in London to Saatchy Gallery from June 10 to August 19, 2022. The event takes visitors on a journey through the archives of fine jewelry, the famous showcases of Tiffany and the recently acquired 80+ carat Empire Diamond, to important pop culture memorabilia such as the original script of Breakfast from Tiffany. A celebration of the authority of Tiffany as a supplier of the world’s finest diamonds and a showcase of how two core values ​​- vision and virtuosity – have been leading the House for 185 years.

Until Sunday 15 May, it will be possible to visit a Rome the exhibitionAround the world in eighty jewels” by Giovanni Raspini a fascinating journey in search of beauty and limitless creativity. Eighty unique pieces, inspired by natural elements and artefacts typical of the places and cultures of the five continents (Europe, Africa, Asia, Americas and Oceania-Antarctica), gathered in thirty sets, composed of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. Works created in the name of artisanal excellence. A large jewel of a hot air balloon was chosen as the symbol of the exhibition, made in bronze by the Tuscan stylist with the sculptors Lucio Minigrilli and Erika Corsi.

As well Bulgarians (in the photo) does not miss the opportunity to highlight one of its icons, the ring B.Zero1. Until June 12, at the Montenapoleone store in Milan, it will be a retrospective devoted to the 20th anniversary of the collection. A style journey to celebrate the entire collection from its birth to the latest new interpretation: B.zero1 NEW CLASSIC. The space in particular is dedicated to the vision of Zaha Hadid, one of the celebrities who redesigned the iconic jewelry. For theoccasion his studio designed the exclusive installation “Ring Wall”.


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