Starting over from artistic beauty –

“Beauty will save the world”, said Prince Miškin in Dostoyevsky’s Idiot. So let’s come back not only to talk about it but also to admire it, countering the distortions of recent years that have seen us distanced, digitized, far from cultural centers par excellence such as theatres, cinemas, exhibitions and museums. After the decision to postpone the traditional edition at the end of January due to the pandemic, from May 13 Arte Fiera reopens its doors in Bologna for its 45th edition entrusted to the artistic direction of Simone Menegoi, who led the event in rough seas since 2019.

Founded in 1974 to be a propelling center for connoisseurs and admirers, Arte Fiera continues in this direction and remains faithful to its vocation: to be the benchmark event for Italian galleries and Italian art of the 20th and 21st centuries. 143 galleries will participate in the fair: the targeted selection is combined with an approach that aims to leave room for individual poetry, with the explicit invitation of exhibitors to present a limited number of artists. “After managing the effects of the pandemic crisis in a responsible and transparent manner – says Simone Menegoi – Arte Fiera is back with its head held high: with a selection of galleries with no quality performance, enriched with some interesting novelties; with renewed fittings; with a more rational and efficient visit route“.

Starting from artistic beauty

The fair hosts three organized and invitational sections, Focus, Painting XXI and Photography and animated imageswho flank the main section, a section that ranges from modern and post-war art, classic of the manifestation, to contemporary with a keen interest in Italian art. Focus, on the other hand, a section introduced last year, addresses the modern and historicized post-war period, and changes every year depending on the curator. This year, the object was chosen by the art critic and historian Marco Meneguzzo and it will be the so-called “exact art” (which includes kinetic art, programmed art and similar experiences) between the end of the fifties and the seventies (but with a bold “intrusion” into the world of digital creation and NFT).

The critic Davide Ferri, for his part, edited Table XXI, which in 2022 faces its second edition: a section that wants to explore the painting of the new millennium, Italian and international, considering emerging and mid-career artists. At last, Ghosta platform made up of Selva Barni, Benedetta Pomini, Ilaria Speri, Massimo Torrigiani and Francesco Zanot, took care of the management of Photography and motion picturestrying to include video in its own right among the artistic forms to be investigated and opening up to dialogue between photography and other media.

Around these sections, pavilions 15 and 18 of BolognaFiere are enriched with additional content that flows into the Public programram, a kaleidoscopic calendar of activities and different genres, which offers professionals and the general public a significant insight into the state of the art in our country.
The first intervention consists of an original and ambitious work that Arte Fiera commissions each year from 2019 from a confirmed Italian artist. After Flavio Favelli, Eva Marisaldi and Stefano Arienti, it’s the turn Liliana Moro (Milan, 1961) honor the invitation. Original and difficult to “categorise”, Moro for Arte Fiera proposed an unusual material like sound, recurring in his production since the 1990s: it is the sound of his voice which, like a widespread sculpture, emerges from the corridors which connect the pavilions.

Alongside Moro’s work, there are other contents like the project Opla. Perform activitiesedited by Silvia Fanti (Xing), which collects performances from artists such as Jacopo Benassithat he proposes Unisex in an unusual place, Invernomoutor (Simone Bertuzzi, 1983 and Simone Trabucchi, 1982), which presents Vernascacadabra, Muna Mussie (1978), Eritrean artist based in Bologna, who staged NobodyAnd Luca Trevisani (1979), which presents At the foot of the breadan unprecedented and ironic intervention carried out with bread soles and rods to wear for the Fair.
But the Public program it is also the container of a talk about booka conference dedicated to recently published books: among the protagonists Liliana Moro, Cecilia Casorati and gallery owner Mario Pieroni, Gianfranco Maraniello, Massimo Kaufmann, Marco Meneguzzo, Domenico Quaranta, Valentino Catricalà, Lucilla Meloni, Laura Cherubini and Andrea Viliani.

Finally, Arte Fiera welcomes in its public program Look notes, a photographic project that involves three districts of as many European cities: Cervia, Bologna and Berlin. 36 artists active in the three cities were invited to choose an image from their archives to be printed as a poster. Posters are displayed in the public space of the designated neighborhoods within a year. The project was designed by Giovanna Sarti and carried out in collaboration with Gino Gianuizzi, Eva Scharrer and Sara Bernshausen. The public will be able to see a selection of the posters produced so far in both editions, displayed in the passage that connects the two pavilions of the fair.

Art City Bologna also comes to life within this framework, the institutional program of exhibitions, events and special initiatives of its tenth edition, promoted by the Municipality of Bologna in collaboration with BolognaFiere. Under the artistic direction of Laurent Balbi, the city becomes a veritable ferment of ideas and places of beauty among the different proposals of museums, foundations, institutional spaces, Associazione Gallerie Bologna (Confcommercio Ascom Bologna), exhibition spaces and independent galleries in the city. To support the nine main project – entrusted to emerging artists such as Benni Bosetto, Kipras Dubauskas, Mattia Pajè, Emilia Tapprest, to more established names such as Andreas Angelidakis, Giulia Niccolai and Italo Zuffi, and to international artists such as Carlos Garaicoa and Pedro Neves Marques – expectations are high for the 2022 special project: the intervention of Tino Segal organized by Lorenzo Balbi and specially designed for Major squareand for the City of Art White Nightthe white night of Bolognese art scheduled for May 14, which sees the extraordinary opening of all the artistic spaces participating in the event.


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