Stella McCartney: the mushroom leather vegan bag

Stella McCartney

Natalia Vodanova poses with the new Frayme Mylo bag (courtesy Instagram photo)

“QThis is the decisive decade and if we do not act decisively, we know what the consequences will be.” Stella McCartney had thus commented, last November, having just landed in Glasgow representing the “only brand of fashion present at COP26”. Hers. A pioneer of low environmental impact fashion which in its infancy, 20 years ago, made it “unpopular” for most, Stella McCartney is today a small great certainty. Experiment, educate, quit. Always dream big. We know now, his fashion launches are never an end in themselves. Like the Last of These Days, which involves his new line of luxury vegan bags. An absolute feat that we will hear a lot about.

Stella McCartney

Instagram courtesy photo Stella McCartney

Vegan “mushroom” bags

His name is Frayme Mylo and it is the first luxury bag on the market made with the organic vegan material produced in the laboratory. Stella McCartney has been interested in since 2018 Mylo, an innovative tissue obtained from the mycelium, the vegetative system of fungi. The designer had previously collaborated with manufacturing company Bolt Threads to create a prototype of her iconic Falabella bag. Then in preview at the exhibition Shaped from nature at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Developed through a state-of-the-art process that replicates conditions below the forest floor in a vertical agricultural setup, the resulting bio-based material is soft, flexible and fully sustainable. Today the designer, after bringing her own Frayme Mylo on the podium with the Spring summer 2022 collection in October 2021, she is ready to launch her “creature” in stores. Price: £1,995. Production: a limited edition of 100 bags, currently only available in black. Each individually numbered. With the hope of integrating the collection from 2023.

The Stella McCartney Revolution

“The release of Mylo’s first-ever luxury bag is an important milestone for conscientious consumers. But also for the biomaterials industry and the future of luxury fashion”. So commented Dan Widmaier, founder and CEO of Bolt Threads. Indeed, sustainability experts agree that brand support is key to bringing innovative materials to the world. As well as investors. Stella McCartney was an early proponent of mycelium. She joined the consortium of Bolt Threads brand supporters with Lululemon, Kering and Adidas.

“Every minute that passes, a football field disappears from the Amazon. And 80% of these areas are used for cattle grazing. The future of fashion and our planet is cruelty-free“. So the creator declared himself at COP26. Thus, for several years, he has been setting a good example.


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